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PostSubject: Crystal   Crystal EmptySun Feb 08, 2015 2:06 am

Crystal Upside-down-leopard-cub

Found the picture here
Thoughtful ; Small ; Quick-Learning

Nickname(s): None
Name Origin: English I think Razz
Name Meaning: Crystal, you know, the shiny sparkly things that hang from the roof in caves.
Pronounciation: Crys-Tull, Chris-tall.

Age:4 months old
Elemental?: Yes, she is a water elemental.

Species:Cougar x Leopard
Breed:North American Cougar x Sri Lankan Leopard
Appearance:Crystal has soft, slightly fluffy fur that is covered in spots. The spots are small, and not much like usual young cougar markings. This is because of her being part Leopard. She is slightly skinny, since she cannot catch her own prey very well, instead she uses her nose to find edible berries and plants, it is the only reason she's survived. Crystal is quite small and lean, and would be quite fast if she could actually see. Yes, she is blind. Her eyes are a grey-blue color, and are quite pretty. Her tail is a bit long, but this is good as it helps her keep balance better. Her sense of smell and her hearing are both extraordinary, and she has learned to feel the earth for movement in case any enemies were nearby.
Personality:Crystal usually doesn't interact much with others. When she does meet others she prefers not to talk much, and acts very independent. She hasn't been able to catch prey, so she eats berries and plants that are edible she finds with her nose.
Physical Problems?: Blindness
Mental Problems: None

Rouge?: Yes.
Wanted Rank: Cub, if she joined a group.
Current group?: No.

History: Crystal was born with many siblings. Many of them had strong elemental powers. One of her brother's talents were fire, and one of her sisters had such strong wind power she could almost make a small tornado. Her parents were strict and raised them to be aggressive and strong. Many of her siblings made fun of her because she was blind and the only one of them without an element, so they made fun of her often. She decided that is she wasn't an elemental, she would hone her senses, like hearing and scent. She practiced often, trying to make up for not having her own element. She noticed she wasn't getting as much food as the others were, so one day she decided that she would try to catch something to eat. She couldn't catch anything, sadly. She began walking home, but soon scented something very nice smelling. She followed the scent to a berry bush, and ate the berries. From then on she trained herself to know which ones were good and bad, and which other plants could be eaten. Whenever she wasn't fed enough she would go out into the forest to find food. One day she woke up in the morning and found herself in the middle of a strange forest. They had abandoned her there. Crystal began walking, and became quite thirsty. She opened her jaws and imagined water magically floating into her mouth, and after she imagined that she felt a drop of water land on her tongue. She then discovered her elemental powers were quite weak, which is why it seemed she had none at all. After a while of using her powers it became stronger though, and she became a water elemental.

Parents: |Marrow-Mother, Leopard-|Ebony-Father,Cougar-|
Siblings:|Bone-Brother-|Star-Sister-|Juniper-Sister-|Cave-brother-|Ledge-Brother-Teased her the most-|
Other Family of Significance: None.
Crushes: None.

Weaknesses: Strength, Climbing, Rocky areas
Strengths: Senses, Running (In open areas where she can't trip), Finding edible berries and plants.
Habits: Every once in a while she might put her ear to the ground and listen.
Likes: Berries, meat, open areas, water.
Dislikes: Rocky areas, climbing, Her siblings
Fears:Cliffs, animals much larger than her, Loud noises

Friends: None.
Enemies: None.
Accessories None.
Theme Song: No idea.
Other characters?: None.
Extras?: Nope.
Self Motto: Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there xD
OoC| I found BC by Destiny's Faith
The secret password Correct and removed - Brigadette

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PostSubject: Re: Crystal   Crystal EmptySun Feb 08, 2015 2:26 am

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Very Interesting, Good Job and the picture is very cute!
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