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 Crystal The Shy

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PostSubject: Crystal The Shy   Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:56 pm


Shy ; Smart ; Quick learning

Nickname(s): None
Name Origin:
Name Meaning:
Pronunciation: Chris-tall

Age: 5 months
Alias?: Crystal The Shy

Species: Cougar
Breed: North American Cougar
Appearance:She is the usual cougar color, but she has beautiful blue eyes. The sad thing is she can't see through them. Yes, she is blind. She has her cub spots that will fade away when she grows up and her fur gets lighter on her belly.
Personality: She is very shy and quiet, but she knows some things about herbs. She is very sweet, but easily scared.
Physical Problems?: Yes, she is blind.
Mental Problems: None

Rouge?: Yes
Wanted Rank: Well, i'm hoping she might end up to be Benjiro's helper.
Current group?: None

History: She grew up with her mother, who knew how to heal. Her mother showed her how to find herbs by scent and feel, and taught her how to tell them apart. She had also told Crystal how to use herbs. One day, Crystal wasn't far off from the den, looking for herbs when she heard a loud, scary sound, and heard human voices. She crept up to where they were, using her hearing, nose, and the vibrations in the ground to tell where the hunters were. "You killed a cougar?! We were aiming for the deer! We'll get killed for this! Its poaching!" One of the two hunters shouted. "We won't get in trouble if we don't tell anyone, lets leave it." The other hunter suggested. They walked back into the forest after that. Crystal dashed out and felt around her mother's chest for a heartbeat. There was none. Eventually she gave up looking for a heartbeat and pulled at her mother's body with all her might. She was so scared she managed to pull her mother into the den, and wished her spirit well reaching the stars. Then she set off alone, and soon reached the lands where many other creatures lived.

Parents: Clover (Mother, dead) Cliff (Father, died)
Pups: None
Other Family of Significance: None
Crushes: None
Mate: None

Weaknesses: Talking about her family, hunters, leaving home
Strengths: Herbs, climbing, scent, hearing.
Habits: None
Likes: Herbs, Feeling belonging, Anyone else who likes Herbs
Dislikes: Hunters
Fears: Hunters, Feeling alone, having to leave something behind

Friends: Anyone who is a healer, and almost everyone
Enemies: Hunters
Accessories None
Theme Song: Haven't found one
Other characters?: Aurora, Ashes
Extras?: No
Self Motto: None
OoC| I found BC by DF, i was RosePuppy^^
The secret password is This user has entered the correct secret answer -Travis

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PostSubject: Re: Crystal The Shy   Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:49 am

Lol the Lego Movie.
Approved stamp

You can be the helper of Benjiro and learn about the history of Nisyros. Just make a topic for the two to meet. Mere you make this charrie on another account.
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Crystal The Shy
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