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 Axel the handsome

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PostSubject: Axel the handsome    Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:25 pm

flirty ; handsome ; proud

Nickname(s): axe
Name Origin: Scandinavian
Name Meaning:(not required)
Pronouncetion: axe-el

Sex: male
Age: 5 years
Alias?: Axel the handsome

Species: owl
Breed: great horned owl
Appearance: Axel is an huge owl, he's even bigger then most of his kind. His feathers are mixed with brown, cream, and black. Like all horned owls, he has long, earlike tufts on top of his head. He big, yellow eyes. during the winter, his feathers turn more grey.
Personality: Axel is very flirty, half of the night he likes to just wander around, looking for females to woe. But brave he isn't, and he'll rather ditch females that are in trouble then save them. He usually ignores other males, but if he is forced to talk to one he is grumpy and doesn't talk much.
Physical Problems?: nope
Mental Problems: his drive for an female can make him go coo-coo sometimes...

Rouge?: yes
Wanted Rank: depends on the group
Current group?: if there is an owl group, he might join it, but he rather would work alone.

History: unlike some other animals, his history is plain and boring. He was hatched, raised, and then went out to live on his own. The end.

Parents: Talon (father, dead) floyd (mother, dead)
Siblings: Avalon (brother, alive)
Pups: victoria (daughter, alive) Noelle (daughter, alive) copper (son, alive)
Other Family of Significance: mehhh
Crushes: every female, that is an owl of course
Mate: none

Weaknesses: is not brave, ignorant, too flirty for his own good
Strengths: handsome, skilled hunter, his way with the ladies
Habits: flirting
Likes: females, flirting, winning
Dislikes: males, females who ignore him, storms
Fears: being rejected, things that are more stronger than him, storms

Friends: nope
Enemies: ...
Accessories none
Theme Song: Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera
Other characters?: shirana
Extras?: ...nope...
Self Motto: nopers
OoC| I found BC by the amazing, awesome shirana
The secret password is *Ariste steals password, because creator of Ariste is tired of erasing them* - Ariste
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PostSubject: Re: Axel the handsome    Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:30 pm

Approved stamp

Axel is approved. You can now begin Roleplaying with him :3

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Axel the handsome
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