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 god-modding, Auto-hitting, Power-playing

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PostSubject: god-modding, Auto-hitting, Power-playing   Thu Aug 21, 2014 6:30 pm


God-modding is when you create a character to be 'invincible' or 'god-like'. This is unrealistic in Role Play and makes it unfair when your attacking someone elses character(s). To help prevent this from going on any further I suggest you take heed on whats below of here. A character that god-modes is impervious to damage, and ignores attacks of other characters, not slowing down or bleeding or succumbing to any wounds.


RavenStar growled at PureStar, the two she cats were about to attack. PureStar attempted to pin down RavenStar. The black feline hissed in anger as she was pinned from the silver cat, she raked her claws down Purestars belly causing blood to gush out. PureStar didn't bleed at all and bit down hard on RavenStars neck, ending her life.


Auto-hitting is when your character automatically does something to another character (like shoving them, biting them, most/all "fighting" [or playful fighting] actions) without allowing the other character's owner to react to it and decide whether it would strike/hit or not. When your playfighting or having a fight you would 'attempt' to hit the other character.
That helps them choose their choice to dodge or take the blow. So for an Example I attempte to hit a dog, the dog dodged my blow and attempted to do one of his own. Auto-hitting makes things in role play much harder and members to get frustrated.


Now Poerplaying is something that is most common in posts. Powerplaying is when you control other peoples' characters without permission. Every action your character performs against other characters is an attempt, even if it's playful. Auto-hitting is a part of powerplay, and is very commonly seen in fights. I will admit that it is tempting to Powerplay others characters but try to use the word attepmting, it will get easier the more you practice.


Ignitngpaw snarled as the tom charged at the trio. His patience was ebbing to a zero and with that hi tackled Rushingpaw to the ground. His claws sank deep into his back/shoulder, "Get off our territory, kittypet before you end up in the medicine cats den." Ignitingpaw whispered in his ear as his claws slowly raked into Rushingpaws muscles, this would be excruciating pain when the muscle tears, "go home you have your squrile" The black tom said before nipping his ear and walking to his sister, "Come on dont have them bring you down to their level..." He said as he helped her up.

FlamingGlare hissed as he dragged Rushingpaw over the border, "Keep him off our side! You got what you wanted now go!" The fluffy tom hissed loudly as his tail lashed behind him.

Rushingpaw had tried to escape before the tom would scratch him but he was over matched 3 to 1 while his mentor was on the other side of the border. He felt his muscle tear from beneath his pelt as his own blood tore from his body down his pelt. He would struggle in being dragged and struggily stand up on his paws beside his mentor. He screamed in agony as his muscle felt as if they were on fire-

When fighitng you are only allowed to do one attack per post. You cant dodge another users attack all the time, make sure you don't do this stuff in your posts without permission.

I hope this helps us with our role play and also helps us learn new ways to RP!
Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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god-modding, Auto-hitting, Power-playing
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