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 Faze the Wise.

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PostSubject: Faze the Wise.   Faze the Wise. EmptySat Sep 06, 2014 1:10 pm

Name   Faze
Faze the Wise. HOR-01-GL0002-01P
Caring ; Wise ; Honest

Nickname(s): Faz
Name Origin: No idea..
Name Meaning: disturb or disconcert (someone).
"she was not fazed by his show of anger"

Sex: Female.
Age: 2
Alias?: Faze the Caring.

Species: Horse.
Breed: Thoroughbred
Appearance: Faze is a full white horse with honey brown eyes. She has a pink-ish nose and hooves that are tan/pink. She has some black near her knee's but then fades to white. *See the picture Smile*
Personality: Faze is a caring and gentle horsey. She is always honest with others and tends to speak her opinion or stay very quiet. She loves to listen to others and prefers to hear their stories and gather the wisdom of others.
Physical Problems?: None.
Mental Problems:None.

Rouge?: For now.
Wanted Rank:None at the moment.
Current group?: Nooopee <3

History: *Too lazy to make one ;_;* *Make's one anyways*
Faze grew up in the plains, running with the eagle's and her father. She loved to run and race around when she was a young one. When she was one years old she and her friend left the group to explore the mountains, planning on returning to their home within a week or so. No shock, they got lost and wandered together for a very long time. One day moving along her friend decided to take another path in life, leaving Faze to walk on her own. She wandered for a year and then made it here. She decided she would stay here with some of the horse's she's seen. She hopes they can accept the young mare.

Parents: Care- Mother (Unknown) Tex- Father (Living)
Siblings: none.
Pups: nope o-o
Other Family of Significance: Blaez- Cousin (Alive) (She doesn't know where she is/that they are related)
Crushes: The man on the moon of course Razz
Mate: none.

Weaknesses: Her stubbornness. Her honesty- She cant' lie, which makes certain things very difficult. Her wisdom- most think she isn't wise even though she is.
Strengths: Her wisdom- both an up and down. Her carefulness- another up and down. Her speed- yet another up/down.
Habits: She tends to start pacing when lost in serious thought. She also carries on and stutters when she's nervous.
Likes: Almost everything.
Fears: Snakes, death, the darkness.

Friends: Blaez ;D
Enemies: Blaez
Accessories None.
Theme Song:

Other characters?: Princess, Prince, Titan.
Extras?: none
Self Motto: "It's a new world, it's a new start, It's alive with the beating of young hearts, It's a new day, it's a new plan, I've been waiting for you." ~ Song lyrics xD ~ by Bryan Adams.

OoC| I found BC by I am Princess xD
The secret password is *Ariste comes in with an eraser and rubs away secret password* - Ariste
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PostSubject: Re: Faze the Wise.   Faze the Wise. EmptySat Sep 06, 2014 7:56 pm

Approved stamp

Faze has been approved! You can now begin roleplaying with her!

Faze the Wise. Angry-Jaguar-wallpaper_zpsewqpi2h8
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Faze the Wise.
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