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 Blaez the Bold

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PostSubject: Blaez the Bold   Sat Sep 06, 2014 1:07 pm


Flirtatious ; Sly ; Daunting

Nickname(s): Lae, Blae, Aez Name Origin: -----
Name Meaning: Blaze ---> Fire
Pronouncetion: Blay - ze, Blaze

Sex: Mare
Age: 2 years, 2 months
Alias?: Blaez the Bold

Species: Horse
Breed: Arabian Appearance: Blaez can be described as a a pure white horse, with splashes of light auburn on her body. Half her muzzle is honey-brown, the other half white, and like all Arabians, she has the dished snout and holds herself like royalty. Her tail and mane are an odd color, white tipped with light silver, and bangs that fall close to her eyes. Her ears are always perked, and she holds her slim, curvy body with pride. Her legs are long and willowy, making her quite tall, though she's still short since she only recently entered adulthood
Personality: She is sassy and sarcastic, speaking her mind whenever she pleases. She is bold and brave, never displaying fear, even if she's afraid, which isn't often. She's very cocky, and her favorite thing ever is running and exploring. She adores speed, and loves the adrenaline rush of danger. She loves scaring her friends and acts like an unruly foal most of the time, not that it was that long ago she was one. However, she hates seeing people sad and depressed, and will try to cheer them up. She's very curious, and often throws temper tantrums if she doesn't get what she wants.

Physical Problems?: -----
Mental Problems: ---------

Rouge?: At the moment
Wanted Rank: None
Current group?:May join a horse herd if one is made, or make one herself.

History: Coming soon to a formation near you!

Parents: Halo --> Mother, deceased
Dancer ---> Father, Alive
Siblings: Breaker ---> Older brother, Alive
Foals: AW HELL NAW Other Family of Significance: Faze ---> Honorary Sister Crushes: Every stallion she's ever met?
Mate: -_-

Weaknesses: Swimming, fighting, being serious, too curious for her own good. Can't keep friends because of her attitude. Sometimes accidentally insults others without realizing.
Strengths: Running, making others laugh, Is actually quite intelligent, though she doesn't like to show it.
Habits: She sometimes slips into a Canadian accent (Part Canadian Arabian)
Likes: Playing pranks, running, exploring, meeting new people, winter and fall, playing around
Dislikes: Being told not to do something, being denied, being ignored, being parented. Being unallowed to do something, doing something slowly, resting. Fears: Absolutely terrified of mice, dog, coyotes, and lynxs. Being trapped and can't get out (sort of like claustrophobia) and having an object on her (Saddle, bridle, bit, etc )

Friends: Faze, Breaker
Enemies: Vino, Ciai  Accessories -------
Theme Song: A Believe I Can Fly; R Kelly
Other characters?: Ariste, Eredin
Extras?: Bleep bloop blah, Faze is being played by Princess/Prince
Self Motto: Can't think of any now _________________________________________ OoC| I found BC by I'm Ariste
The secret password This player put the correct password-Shunook
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PostSubject: Re: Blaez the Bold   Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:00 pm

:approved:You can now rp

Let your fire rage on.
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Blaez the Bold
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