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 Mackenzie the Tiger

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PostSubject: Mackenzie the Tiger    Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:26 am

Ravishing ; Passionate ; Nimble

Nickname(s): Z or Mack but she hates that name
Name Origin: English Origin
Name Meaning: 'Son of Coinneach'
Pronouncetion: [Mah-ken-z]

Sex: Female
Age: 4 years
Alias?: "Mackenzie the mother"

Species: Tiger
Breed: full bred Siberian Tiger
Mackenzie is a beautiful tiger colored with white, black, and a rusty orange. Her chest, under belly, insides of her legs, cheeks, tip of her feet, neck and chin uphold the white. While her back is the color of orange with black strips along her face, back, tail and legs. She has two white spots above her bright green eyes. She has a bink nose with long whiskers. Her fur is sleek and soft to the touch.

Mackenzie is on alert at all times, she's ready for anything and won't hesitate to attack if it means her safty of her offspring and her own. She is very closed off and protective of her remaining child, Asmara. At first introduction she is very cautious of you and her surroundings but if you get to know her more and she to you, you can find that she's very soft and shy. She has the mother brid trait and loves cubs. If she ever did find any stranded or lost she would take them under her wing and raise them like they were her own.

Mackenzie can become very aggressive if you do something that would harm her cub or herself and is instantly in fight mode, not hesitaiting at all to strike first. Mackenzie is one to talk last fight first. Though she will avoide a fight if possible, she hates bloody battles unless she's fighting for something, then will she fight dirty and fierce, otherwise if she attacks it's a warning.

This tigress is patient when it comes to teaching or learning new things. She is very observent and is picky when it comes to settling down. She likes to know where she can find food, water, shelter, and another den in case of a raid. She also likes to know extra escape routs so she can get away without panicking of not knowing where she is or going. She is often weary of other males and large birds of prey but less concerned around animals small then she or other female tigers. Every once in a while she may let you in if you have earned her trust, and may give much respect. Mackenzie never back fires on her words and if you do something for her to thank you she will show her gratitude and pay you back if need be. The tiger loves to play around when she's comfortable or just likes to sunbathe.

Physical Problems?: None
Mental Problems: Nope

Rouge?: For now
Wanted Rank: Rouge for now
Current group?: Don't have one

Mackenzie was born by herself with her mother Nana and father Diago. Her mother was a young beautiful tiger with amber eyes while her father had a scar on his right eye with bright green eyes, such like the ones she bares now. She inherited her mothers looks and fathers eyes with a bit of his stubborness. Mackenzie was the only cub the two ever raised. Learning many things by her two parents. Mackenzie was always a momma's girl, she wasn't close to her father but she still loved him.

One day she was left home by herself and decided to go out on an adventure of her own, since her parents didn't allow her to come. She met a handsome young male cub about her age, Felipe, was his name. Her father found her talk with him, even playing and was instantly enraged, chasing off the young cub until his mother came to his rescue challenging her father. They both battled but no one won as they knew if one died their child could die of the other. So they banned Mackenzie and Felipe from each other, forbidding them to ever see them again. At the age of 2 both met up again, happy to see each other.

Mackenzie secretly sneaked out to see him at night as to not disturbe her father and mother. They where sneaking around for about a year so around when Mackenzie was 3. One day her mother was out hunting and was shot by hunters, her father was enraged and took it out on Mackenzie, beating her. She missed 3 months of not seeing Felipe until one night she was able to get away from her fathers abuse. They two feel asleep together that night since she was afriad to turn home to her father. it was early morning and she woke up to a start, hearing a twig snap. Mackenzie was curious and walked over to a bush unaware her father was hidden in it ready to strike. He pounced on her and pinned her to the ground, she let out a growl of surprise and this awoke Felipe. Mackenzie's father's grasp was tight, cutting off her air supply and choking her. Felipe acted instantly and attack the older larger male, freeing Mackenzie has she took ragged gasps of air.

She finally regained her senses and turned around too see a lot of blood. Panic struck her unsure of who's blood it was. The two male tigers just seemed to disapear then their was a howl of pain, an earsplitting sound. She winced knowing it was Felipe's she ran to his aid in time just before her father was inches from ripping Felipe's throat out. She attacked him adding more wounds to the ones Felipe did, chasing her father out. She looked back at Felipe to see he was lying still, eyes closed. She walked back to him and nudged him with her muzzle, his breathing was shallow and it looked like he was badly wounded. She laid by his side that night until he was able to walk in the morning.

She braught him to her family's den, her father looked like he fled after the fight. Mackenzie didn't tell Felipe that she was pregnant as she tened to his wounds, feeding him for weeks at a time. He could tell she was getting bigger and finally asked, "we're expecting?" She was caught off gaurd by his question and took a few moment's before answering, "yes." She said softly not meeting his clear blue eyes. "When were you going to tell me" He didn't show any signs of anger or joy but their was a twinkle in his clear blue gaze. Swallowing she finall met his gaze, "I didn't know how you were going to react and it was stressful enough to have to care for you." He nodded slowly and got up laying next to her on his side. She put her head under his chin and she difted off to sleep.

Months came and gone, Felipe in higher spirits everyday. His wounds were completely healed but his still had scars yet none messed up his beauty. Mackenzie was fat with kittens and around the time to give birth. It was dawn when Mackenzie started having contractions, Felipe was out hunting for her so she had no help. It took half an hour before the first cub was born, shortly after four more followed. Felipe just arrived to see his first daughter be born and was over joined. He head bumped his mate in pride of the healthy four newborn cubs.  Three male and one female. They named the first born cub Eko, his name meaning "first child" the second was Olan his name meaning "great". They named the third cun Liku his name meaning "vigilant". Then the last female cub they named Asmara her name meaning "beautiful butterfly". They raised them well but once the cubs eyes opened desaster struck.

It was dry and a storm rolled in striking a tree and setting it on fire. They also didn't notice Mackenzie's father had returned to claim his home and seek revenge on his daughters mate. He hadn't thought he would see his grandchildren but as Mackenzie and felipe heared their young through the fire that was speading fast with everything being so dry. It was smoking heavely and Felipe and Mackenzie got seperated from each other, Mackenzie with Liku and Asmara and Felipe with Olan and Eko. Mackenzie managed to get to safty before realizing her mate and two of her cubs were missing, she called out for him as she watched her birth place turn to ashes. Felipe heard his mates calls and responded as his two sons huddled beneath him. His call was cut off gaurd by the sreeh he made when Mackenzies father struck him.

Mackenzie heard his wails of agony and rage and wanted to aid him but she couldn't leave two of her cubs and run into the fire. What if she got killed two. They would never make it to adult hood. Mean while Felipe faught his father-in-law protecting his sons as Diago seen them as a target. The fire was closing in on the four Felipe momentaraly paralized as the wind was knocked from him. He laid there helpless when Diago killed Olan, the cires of his son enraged Felipe and he attacked with the last of his strength. He was angry and delt many blows but he was no match as Diago over powered him once more. Felipe was no longer able to stand on his own to legs as he was dragged to his mates calls by Diago.

Over the years Mackenzie's fathers heart grew black and cold, she no longer recongized him as her sire when she saw she was carrying his cub and mate. She was about to charge over but a tree on fire fell in front of her, blocking her path. She begged her father for her mate and sons mercy but he didn't listen Felipe was awake to see his last son Eko getting tossed into the fire. His screams and cries as he was burned alive. Felipe couldn't tell who's screams where who, his mates or his only remaining son and daughter. The world was collasping around him and sounds merged into each other. He felt teeth around his neck and knew what was about to happen. He looked at Mackenzie and mouthed his apolagzies and that he loved her before the teeth dug deeper into his neck, he felt blood pool in his mouth as he choked from the smoke, his blood and lack of air. Then there was a loud snap and he drapped dead.

The last thing he heard was they wails of Mackenzie and the chuckles of her father, right before his neck was snapped. Mackenzie had tears dripping from her face but anger rose from her and she jumped the tree landing on her father and dealing as much wounds as she could before he pinned her and spoke into her ear. His voice hot near her ear as his breath smelt like blood and decay, "watch who your messing with my beautiful daughter..." Then he was gone. Disapearing. Mackenzie acted quickly and jumped back over to her remaining cubs. It started raining then as she herded her offspring to safty. The down pour was heavy and cold putting the fire out quickly.

Mackenzie managed to find shelter for the three days it rained, nursing her cubs with the little milk she had before she could hunt. The rain stopped one beautiful morning, dew clung to the brownish green grass. Soot and mud was every where as well burnt iteams. She knew all the animals she relied on for food were long gone so she had little choice to round up her two and follow them. Every since she traveled with her now 4 month old cubs, trying to find a place they could call home.

Parents: Nana--> mother--> deceased | Diago-->father--alive
Siblings: None
Offspring: Asmara [As-MAR-uh]-->daughter-->alive and traveling with Mackenzie and her brother. Liku-->son-->alive and traveling with Mackenzie and his sister. Olan-->son-->deceased. Eko-->son-->deceased.
Other Family of Significance: Nope
Crushes: Had one but lost him
Mate: Felipe [Fa-LEE-pay]-->deceased

Weaknesses: Protecting her cub, Allowing herself to let other's in, being too cautious
Strengths: Protecting her loved ones as best she can, Swimming, hunting.
Habits: When nervous she moved closer to her cub as well her tail tip flicks in agitation.
Likes: Cubs, the water, fish, deer
Dislikes: when it rain's too often, the cold, intruders, being spooked or creeped up on and fire, her father, death
Fears: Losing her cub, failing, males, fire, her father, the thought of losing a cub.

Friends: She hardly lets people in
Enemies: Anyone who gets on her bad side
Accessories None
Theme Song:
"Not Alone" by Red

Other characters?: Travis, Delian, Benjiro (NPC), Remedy, Tobias (soon to be), Atticus (soon to be)
Extras?: None
Self Motto: “You can settle for reality, or you can go off, like a fool, and dream another dream."
OoC| I found BC by I am the site
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PostSubject: Re: Mackenzie the Tiger    Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:30 pm

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Mackenzie the Tiger
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