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Hello, dear Beautiful Creatures guests and members! The site is now officially open and accepting! After hard work on the Staff's part, Beautiful Creatures is reopening! All are welcome to join in on the fun!
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Is among us! Trees and plants are bursting with life and color, making Nysrose look like the heavens above have kissed the ground we walk on, blessing us with bounty of food and water. Herds are returning back from the South with their young. Looks like there may not be much hosility between the Clans, we can only hope.
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PostSubject: Character Stats   Character Stats EmptyFri Sep 05, 2014 11:13 pm

Hello my lovely members! AS you can see under your avatar there are stats. Here you will post your stats from below. Here are the rules.

1. The numbers all together should add up to your character's limit (Not including dominance stat).
2. No decimals are allowed.
3. The numbers should depend on your character's rank. The bars under your picture would be filled depending on your main character's stat.
4. Your stats should change as you go up a rank.

offspring: Lowest number is 5 and highest number is 30~ Dominance number should be ranged from 5-30. All numbers should add up to 100.

Low ranks: Lowest number is 10 and highest number is 45~ Dominance number should be ranged from 10-60. All numbers  should add up to 150.

Regular ranks: Lowest number is 15 and highest number is 60~ Dominance number should be ranged from 30-100. All numbers should add up to 200.

High ranks: Lowest number is 20 and highest number is 80~ Dominance number should be ranged from 20-150. All numbers should add up to 250.

Does your numbers add up to your character's limit?:
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Character Stats
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