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 Prince the Velocity

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Animal Species: Cheetah
Rank: Rouge
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PostSubject: Prince the Velocity   Prince the Velocity EmptyFri Sep 05, 2014 10:54 pm

Name Prince
Prince the Velocity Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTY5Nci5QFg5hg4VShmpBy9TMB8jHuLSeCLjY1-WMs8lfrcrwHsiA
Prince the Velocity Tumblr_mlfn061YAP1qbudbro1_500
Shy ; Gentle ; Sarcastic

Nickname(s): Rory
Name Origin: English? Very Happy
Name Meaning: Of royalty.
Pronunciation: O_O only one way to pronounce Prince.

Sex: Male.
Age: 4
Alias?: Prince the Velocity

Species: Cheetah
Breed:CHEETAH Very Happy
Appearance: Prince has royal blue eyes with green etched around them. he is covered in spots and has golden brown fur. He has a white underbelly and a two slash marks going over the left side of his face. He is blind in his left eye as it is clouded over and a bit foggier then his right eye.
Personality: Prince is a very sarcastic cheetah. He loves to get in a bit of trouble and race others. He can be very gentle and very shy however. He gets very uneasy with females. He becomes shy around them very easily. He also becomes tongue-tied.
Physical Problems?:He is blind in his left eye, other then that he has no physical problems.
Mental Problems: None.

Rouge?: For Now.
Wanted Rank: Will decide if ever a cat pack is made Razz
Current group?: Rouge!! XD

History: Prince grew up like any other young cheetah... or most. He had a mother and a father. He grew up alongside his older brother and his younger sister. His father died when he turned one years old and that was when he and his sister decided to move across the lands. As they went together His sister found a mate in another, yet this other wasn't a cheetah like they were. He ended up alone for about a year before finding his older brother and his brothers mate. They seemed quite happy together and He stayed with them for a while before meeting Kerry, his soon to be mate. He and Kerry traveled for a six months before he asked her to be his mate. (He was now 2 and a half) After a while he discovered that his lovely mate was pregnant. She sadly died during birth and he took his daughter Kinship to his sister in order for her to help care for the young one. His sister refused as she had her own paws full with her own litter. He then turned and took Kinship to a tiger whom said she would help him... for a price. His daughter would live and be taken care of but he would never see her again. He agreed since he knew the Tiger's words were true. He then left and continued his sad journey. He decided at the age of four he would stay here. Making this his new home and he hopes that his now one and half year old daughter would find him.

Parents:Derek- Father (Deceased) Ferra- Mother (Alive)
Siblings: Terra- Sister (Alive) Fene- Brother (Alive)
Pups: Kinship- Daughter (Alive but whereabouts unknown.)
Other Family of Significance: None.
Crushes: None for now.
Mate: Kerry- Mate (Deceased)

Weaknesses: His past. The fact he's not the best fighter in the world. Losing another.
Strengths: His strength to carry on. His loving heart. His sweet side.
Habits: He tends to sing to himself or if he's alone speak to himself.
Likes: He likes swimming and running. He also likes the rain and snow. He loves sunny weather as it reminds him of his daughter.
Dislikes: He dislikes losing. He also dislikes rude people who think they own the world.
Fears: Losing a loved one. Being alone for too long. Hurting another he loves.

Friends: none at the moment.
Enemies: none.
Accessories none.
Theme Song:

Other characters?: Princess, and Titan.
Extras?: None.
Self Motto: "Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'I will try again tomorrow.' " ~ Mary Anne Radmacher.
OoC| I found BC by I'm Titan and Princess and I found it on an advertisement and through Rems <3
The secret password is this member has entered the correct password -Travis
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Animal Species: Saber
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Group: Enigma

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PostSubject: Re: Prince the Velocity   Prince the Velocity EmptySat Sep 06, 2014 12:38 am

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I like Prince so far. Maybe Travis could meet such a cat!
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Prince the Velocity
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