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 The story of Remedy

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Animal Species: Arctic wolf mixed with European wold
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PostSubject: The story of Remedy   The story of Remedy EmptyFri Sep 05, 2014 9:47 pm

The story of Remedy Salvis10
Flirtatious ; Tranquil ; Devious

Nickname(s): Rems, Rem, Ren, Remmy or Remy
Name Origin: ...
Name Meaning: Treatment, cure, etc
Pronouncetion: ...

Sex: Feminine
Age: 3 in a half
Alias?: "Remedy the Vixen"

Species: Arctic wolf mixed with Europen grey wolf
Appearance: Remedy's main pelt color is a powder white with a patch of honey brown fur on her right shoulder. Her tail is tipped with brown as well are her two front paws and ears. Rems eyes are a dark mahogany brown with lighter hues of brown mixed in it. Her hide is thick during winter but loses a few layers in spring and summer. The fur on this lady is smooth and soft, it flows very nicely and fits her well. She is small for her age but a great fighter so don't be fooled.
Personality:To describe Rem is very easy. She isn't the sweet girl down the block to ask things of, oh no, no, no, she's the bad girl across the street. The one to live life to the fullest, to cause mayhem and reek havoc into your peaceful lives. She loves to pull tricks and for that earned the title "The Vixen". She's quite sneaky and likes to do things her way, not your way but her way. She got's a pretty big mouth and will tell the truth about yourself even if it hurts. She's not afraid to voice out her thoughts nor is she scared to do daring things or insult you.

Though she maybe mean and rude and disrespectful she can be very kind, very gentle. Its not easy for her to make friends let alone settle down and have a family. She has this consent urge to be on an adventure. She can settle down if she finds the right someone who can deal with her hard headed self and restlessness but it will take time for that day to come. She doesn't have the quality's of a mother with her being a bad role model but she does love pups and will be very protective of her own or an orphan. Once you earn her trust you can put faith in her, she can get things done for you if she thinks its right. Down talking to Remedy isn't a wise choice, first you'll deal with her venom next you'll deal with her stubborness and then finally you will end up with her determination. When she's determined she will do her job right and will prove you wrong. She likes being right.

Remedy isn't one to dwel on anger or vengeance's, she's laid back on that stuff, which is helpful on her behalf. You could do anything in the world to p her off but she doesn't try to dwell on the thought. But she if she ever is seeking vengeance she'll do it fairly slowly meaning she will be very threateningly and very precise on her timing. She isn't a feminine to mess with.
Physical Problems?: None
Mental Problems: None

Rouge?: For now
Wanted Rank: Huntress
Current group?: Going to be joining the Lamias pack

History: Rem's life was fair, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't peaceful either. Like all wolves start off she was conceived and then born with her two brothers, Ranjo and Skipper. She was born first but was the runt in the litter, ate less then her towering brothers. Her mother was a huntress like Remedy till this day and her father was a healer. Remedy was a big daddy's girl. When she was old enough she always was around on an adventure, finding something to tackle or play with besides her brothers. At the age of an adolescent she grew more into her naughty persona. Her brothers were always off together doing something, leaving her out of it. Every once in a while she would follow then and spoil their plans when it came to other females they were flirting with. She also loved to play tricks on the Alphas son, Paris.

To be honest he was cute but Remedy never liked him, she thought he was a jerk since he seemed to always be bossy. One day she crashed into him and that didn't go well. She was with her friend Levon at the time, she yelled at Paris and he seemed to enjoy it which only mad Rem angrier. Finally Levon pulled her away. He was the peace maker, always trying to apologize for her mistakes. One thing Rem didn't know was that Levon liked her which was a bit hard later on in the month. Paris messed with Remedy, always finding away to get her alone to mess with. At the age of two Paris confesed his feelings knowing Rem she was a bit confused about her own so she avoided him and asked her mom for help. She told her what to do. Two days passed and she finally got the courage to tell him but the thing was Paris was already to be wedded with another female named Jewel. Paris didn't tell her this so when she heard about it she was  furious and confronted him about it. They got into a fight and said things they didn't mean.

She avoided him and his mate, he seemed happy so she let him be. One day her mother became ill and died shortly after. Paris had enough courage to show his face at her den, he apologized and informed her about the pregnancy of Jewel. Everybody was happy at the new alphas pups but Remedy. Her brothers already moved on about their mothers death and were starting family's of their own as well was Levon. A month later and her father passed on from old age Rem was just recovering from the loss of her mother and this didn't help. Remedy decided a new pack would be good to start over with so she left. Leaving her family, her first love, only friend and the birth of herself. She never seen them again. She found a new pack called the Mist Night and stayed there for a while, proving herself worthy. But after a few years she moved on.

Parents:(required if you have any)
Siblings: Ranjo-->younger brother-->decessed | Skipper-->younger brother-->alive | Aki-->mother-->Decessed | Niko-->father-->decessed
Offspring: None
Other Family of Significance: None
Crushes: I had two but I could never choose
Mate: hilarious

Weaknesses: Her mouth it can get her in trouble. Finding friends isn't an easy thing for her either. She can get angry very fast.
Strengths: Hunting, playing tricks, enjoying life, running, fighting, flirting
Habits:She tends to pat her tail on the ground when she's annoyed. She also wakes up early.
Fears:Her past, being broken, fear of the unknown

Friends: Levon but he's dead
Enemies: None unless you want to be
Accessories none
Theme Song:
You are the moon by The Hushed Sound

Other characters?: Travis, and Benjiro (NPC)
Extras?: none
Self Motto: "Life and Death are very different in many ways. You have to pay life with every breath you take, every stab of pain and ache in your chest, but unlike Death you don't have to breath, don't have to feel pain or even have to deal with an ache, it askes for nothing in return."
OoC| I found BC by (insert how you found BC here)
The secret password is This user has entered the correct password -Travis
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The story of Remedy Left_bar_bleue99 / 15099 / 150The story of Remedy Right_bar_bleue

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PostSubject: Re: The story of Remedy   The story of Remedy EmptyFri Sep 05, 2014 10:08 pm

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The story of Remedy
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