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 Titan The Strong-Heart

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PostSubject: Titan The Strong-Heart   Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:39 pm

Name Titan.
Caring ; Strong ; Brave

Nickname(s): Ti
Name Origin: English?
Name Meaning: one that is gigantic in size or power :  one that stands out for greatness of achievement
Pronunciation: Ti- Tan

Sex: Male
Age: 5
Alias?: Titan the Strong-heart.

Species: Wolf
Breed: Timber Wolf.
Appearance: Titan is covered in many scars from battles with wild cats and wolves. He has deep rich fur that covers his massive body. He stands at about 78 cm and has broad shoulders. He has long legs and a busy tail. He has soft brown eyes and black fur that covers from his nose to his tail. His chest and underbelly are white-orange with specks of grey and black.
Personality: Titan's personality is very dark and mysterious. He has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to tease others. He dislikes being around others usually, but he'll make an exception for the one he loves. He is madly in love with one wolf and wishes to show her his loyalty and love.
Physical Problems?: None.
Mental Problems: None.

Rouge?: No.
Wanted Rank: Titan is a fighter so a fighting rank or some sorts.
Current group?: Will be joining Lamias?

History: Titan and his siblings had left their home pack at the age one. In order to explore and be on there own. Becca and Titan traveled together until the age 2, where they got into a gruesome fight with a wild cat. Titan came out of the fight with many scars across his body. Becca however had lost her life when she tried to save her older brother. She had drug the wild cat over a ledge, when she did so she was pulled over as well. She had fallen into a raging river that no one could escape. Titan searched the area for days before giving up and turning to run away. Since then he shuns all others away from him. At the age of 3 he met Icye on his travels and they became extremely close. Like brother and sister. He told her everything that happened to him including how he had to tell his older siblings about the death of their youngest sister. His older sister had become bitter towards him, his brother loved him like no other and continued to tell him it wasn't his fault. But as he saw it, it was his fault. He was supposed to protect her, not the other way around. After a bit him and Icye took different paths, him being a rogue he went into the wild to be alone. He knew not that he would see his friend again.  At the age of 4 he stumbled upon a land that had two packs, and a few rogues. He had met with Icye secretly and decided to join her pack.

Soon after joining that pack called Mist Night he met Remedy. A beautiful she-wolf who stole his heart instantly. She left the pack and sent Titan on a rage of sorrow. He waited about an hour before following her. He kept a decent pace and followed her scent. He was following her in order to tell her how much he cared for her and wouldn't leave her side. Yes leaving his previous pack meant that he was no longer with his friend Icye, or with his two living sisters Thresa and Becca. But he figured that when another steals your heart that you go after them. He would follow her and protect her with his life, and yes it seemed useless because maybe she didn't love him... but he had to try. If he failed then he would die an old wolf with a broken heart.

Parents:River-Mother (Deceased) Jester-Father (Deceased)
Siblings:Hero-brother(Deceased) Thresa-sister(Living) Becca-sister (Living)
Pups: None.
Other Family of Significance:Uncle Terry-His father's best friend but they called him Uncle (Living)
Crushes: Remedy.
Mate: None
Weaknesses: His quick tongue when he's mad. His strong heart that allows him to be broken over and over again. His speech, some make fun of him and for it he feels weak.
Strengths: His love and courage to carry on. Protecting others whom he loves. His massive size, it helps him in fights and to scare away intruders.
Habits: He pace's when he is lost in serious thought. (as in he's making a plan.) He also tends to hum randomly.
Likes: He likes to run. He also likes swimming and racing with eagles or birds. He likes walking with wise Horses and other animals who mean him no harm.
Dislikes: He dislikes rude people and how cruel they act. He also dislikes not having food to eat. (Grumpy men >.>) He dislikes being alone even though he's used to it.
Fears: Losing a loved one. Becoming a monster that no one could go near. Killing without reason.

Friends: Icye. Remedy. Princess.
Enemies: None.
Accessories None
Theme Song:

Other characters?: Princess, and Prince (Once he's made)
Extras?: None
Self Motto: "You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of." ~ Jim Rohn
OoC| I found BC by I'm Princess Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Titan The Strong-Heart   Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:05 pm

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WE can rp with the two as soon as you want to?
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Titan The Strong-Heart
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