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 Fenris the Monster

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PostSubject: Fenris the Monster   Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:20 pm


Evil ; Strong ; Heartless

Nickname(s): Fen but he prefers Fenris
Name Origin:Norse
Name Meaning:mythical monster wolf

Age:5 years
Alias?:Fenris the Monster

Breed:Grey Wolf
Appearance: Fenris is a pitch black wolf with blue eyes. He is able to disguise his evil really well making him more dangerous. He can look very innocent at times although he has no innocence at all. Fenris has a scar on his left flank from an attack while he was patrolling as an apprentice. He also has a scar on his shoulders from an human knife.
Personality: Fenris is a very dark and evil wolf. He is able to hide his evilness very well and is always doing this so he has time to plan out any attacks he is planning on doing or so if he gets in a fight he could just knock the enemy of balance or freak them out when he has a sudden burst of strength. He does not show much emotion and is hard to read.
Physical Problems?:None
Mental Problems:If being a psycho killer counts *evilly grins*

Rouge?:He is on the inside but he pretends to be a loyal and caring wolf.
Wanted Rank:Any high rank
Current group?: none yet hoping to join Lamias Pack

History: Fenris doesn't like sharing his past, mainly because it can reveal to much of him. But pretty much he came from a nice pack that believed life was just great and evil didn't exist. One problem is that they had evil living among them and it wasn't just Fenris. A small band on wolves in the pack had evil plans for the pack and they would not end pretty. There was five wolves in all that were "evil" and the lead of them all was Fenris. He was the largest wolf in his pack under the alpha and beta. One at a time the wolves would go out on patrol and kill whoever they were with then drag their body to the loner lands river and dispose of it. The job of killing the pack was easy until the alpha and beta realized who the killers were. At that moment they had to be disposed of, while Fenris and the other four wolves were alone with the alpha and beta they murdered them and threw them to the middle of the camp. As wolves noticed they tried to run but Fenris was prepared and had blocked the exit to the camp with three of his evil warriors. The last of the pack was murdered and thrown into the river without a fight. Fenris and his band of wolves traveled for a couple of years killing any wolf in sight until they got in a fight. Fenris overpowered them all when they turned against each other. He warned them that whoever started any fight would not wake up the next day; so when one of them started he kept his promise and murdered him in his sleep. Unfortunately at the end of the month he had no more of them. He didn't care much, he was four years old and could care for himself. For that next year he found wolves who trusted him then tore them to shreds. He knew once he found a pack that was close to like him he would act loyal and at least help the pack. He knew at some point he had to give up his killer instinct but it was going to be only when he found a pack. He would not kill his pack and that would be all he promised.      

Parents: deceased
Siblings: unknown
Other Family of Significance:none
Crushes: The monster does not look for love
Mate: no and he is not looking

Weaknesses: he is not a very fast, or swift wolf nor is he a good swimmer
Strengths: He is very strong, has good eyesight and is good at hiding his emotions. He also has a good sense of smell and hearing.  
Habits: n/a
Likes:death, killing, and the scared look on others faces
Dislikes: any other wolves, this thing wolves call beauty, and water
Fears: water and drowning

Friends: What do you mean by "friends"?
Enemies: oh there are to much to name
Accessories soon an anklet
Theme Song: Am I Evil: Metallica
Other characters?:Aldara
Extras?: nope
Self Motto: My beauty is different then yours, mine is filled with death, darkness and fire.
OoC| I found BC by I am Aldara otherwise Destinys Faith (I am Nova)
The secret password is this user has entered the correct password -Travis
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PostSubject: Re: Fenris the Monster   Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:07 pm

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Very nice character you have there Fen!
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Fenris the Monster
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