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 Princess the bald eagle.

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PostSubject: Princess the bald eagle.    Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:18 pm

Name Princess
Brave ; Caring ; Calm

Nickname(s): Pri
Name Origin: o_o No Idea.
Name Meaning: That of royalty.
Pronouncetion: /ˈprinsəs,ˈprinˌses,prinˈses/

Sex: Female
Age: 4
Alias?: Princess the Free.

Species: Bird.
Breed: Bald Eagle.
Appearance: Princess is a bald eagle, therefore she has brown feathers and a white head. She has golden-brown eyes and yellow claws. She has long white tail feathers. She has a golden-yellow beak and strong wings. She has a scar across her right eye from a wild cat. (It was small and she can see just fine Very Happy)
Personality: Princess is kind and gentle, she prefers talking then fighting. She is very calm and reserved, wise and smart. She has talked with many and never gotten into that bad of a fight before. She get's along with others well and enjoys watching wolves hunt. She love's to race with wild cats and other animals, them running and she flying.
Physical Problems?:(not required; you animal doesn't need to have any)
Mental Problems: She hears her brother's voice within her head once in a while. (But no one can tell ;D)

Rouge?: Yes she is a rouge. For now ^-^
Wanted Rank:Rouge... For now o_o I don't think there's a bird group?
Current group?: None at the moment but if a group is made she might join it.

History: Princess hatched from an egg about four years ago. When she came from the egg she felt the warmth of her mother who moved them about and warmed them up. She fed them and cared for them, same as her father. After they were old enough to start flying they did, or her siblings did. She couldn't fly, she had very weak wings and so her mother helped her. Once she was able to fly it was very slow and weak, but soon her wings grew stronger with days and weeks of flying that passed. Her wings became the strongest out of her siblings, no longer did they tease her. Though she was still the smallest of her siblings she was the best flyer of them all. Once they were fully able to fly they left their parents and traveled together for many months. They settled and made a temporary home. Her brother Hero had fought with a wildcat and died after they settled down. Soon after their Aunt had come and told them that their parents were dead. With that news Princess flew away very upset. She flew and got lost, traveling on her own and without her family. But then one day she saw a horse, running carefree. She flew lower and raced the horse, the horse had won but she became stronger and wiser. In recent years she raced the horse again and beat him by far. She then discovered she loved speed, and racing.

When she turned about two years of age she stopped traveling and made friends with a bear. She learned many things from the wise old bear. She learned that you could have friends among different types of animals and care greatly for them. She also learned that staying with a bear meant you wouldn't seem them during the winter. She grew strong with flight as the bear trained her with many things. She trained with him in fighting large things and getting her flying skills up. Though she had much to learn. She stayed with him for about a year before Terry decided to move and told her she had to leave him. She then flew off in the opposite direction. She traveled for another year, alone. She now is four years of age and has finally found a beautiful place where she can call her home. Here.

Parents: Krush-Father (Deceased) River-Mother (Deceased)
Siblings: Hero-Brother (Deceased) Scarlett-Sister (alive) Jamie-Brother (Alive)
Pups: O_O nope...
Other Family of Significance: Aunt Tersa- (Alive)
Crushes: nope Very Happy
Mate:none o_o

Weaknesses: Her wings sometimes feel weak. She is not a strong fighter. She has a mental disorder which causes her to hear her brother's thoughts. (though once again no one knows  ;D )
Strengths: She is a strong flyer. Speed. Her calmness towards most things.
Habits: She paces back and forth when worried.
Likes: She likes racing other animals. She likes flying and catching fish. She also loves the night.
Dislikes: She dislikes rain and animals that are mean to her.  
Fears: Elk, not really a back-story she just does. Storms. She fears storms and loud thunder/lighting but when needed she stands strong. She fears being alone for the rest of her life. (meaning no family/friends)  

Friends: Terry the bear- (alive)
Enemies: None...Yet.
Accessories None Smile
Theme Song: Carrie Underwood- "See you again."
Other characters?: Not yet but i'm thinking of a wildcat in the future Smile
Extras?: none.
Self Motto: "Strength can carry you only so far, but your heart can go farther."-Princess
OoC| I found BC by an advertisement on another RP site Smile
The secret password is this user has entered the correct secret password :3 - Ariste
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PostSubject: Re: Princess the bald eagle.    Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:33 pm

Approved stamp

Princess is approved! You may now begin Roleplaying with her.
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Princess the bald eagle.
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