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 How to make a group of your own

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PostSubject: How to make a group of your own    Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:51 am

So I said in the rules you can make your own groups, in this thread you can learn how to make it and how to earn it.

All animals are different and depending on what animal you have can effect how you make a group. So social animals like lions, hyena's, wolves etc see each other almost every day. Animals like bears, tigers, leopards, etc only see each other for mating or fighting for territory. But since we are semi-realistic bears, tigers etc can live together so you can forum a group of your own. When you do so you get to name your group and have total control over it with an admins approval and supervision. Later on this will be updated!

How do I make a group?
x First you need at least another person your species 1-2, the bigger the better.
x You need to have a post of 70+ via rping or playing games.
x You need to have 10+ Experience, that you can get by being active and rping.
x You need to buy the blessing from the store
x You need to be a Novice before you can create a group of your own.
x Get Octavius's permission via pm
x You had to have been in a group on here! So if your making a wolf pack you need to have been in one that was already made.
x You need to be blessed by the Queens Ancient Ruin

Being a Leader
So once you have everything from above you are ready to rule some land of your own! You can make the rules, ranks, decide on the many things a leader would do. You can challenge a neighbor group for their land, you can create an  allegiance of your own, etc! But you can always be challenged by a rival group member if they have what they need.
Reminder you must be active or the rival can challenge you if your gone too long and win the throne.

Challenging can be a lot of fun in RP and anyone is allowed to challenge for leadership, higher ranks if there are any and for neighboring lands as long as the following has been reached,
x You are active at least twice a week 
x You PM Octavius or Khaleesi in advance, preferably 2 days in advance so we can be prepared to moderate the challenge
x Both parties agree on it
x You must have at least 50 post in RP
x You must have 5+ experience

Earning Experience
You can earn experience in multiple ways such as being active and by RPing as well as little things such as being friendly towards the members on the site. You can also earn experience by inviting members which is a nice way to earn experience. It helps you out as well as the site.
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How to make a group of your own
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