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 Aldara the Beauty

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Animal Species: Owl

PostSubject: Aldara the Beauty   Wed Sep 03, 2014 8:03 pm


Beautiful ; Smart ; Fast

Nickname(s): Ala, Dara
Name Origin:Old German
Name Meaning:old or winged gift
Pronouncetion: Al-Dar(Think of tar except with a "d")-ah

Age: 4 years (for those who do not know owls can live until they are 25 unless tragedy strikes; a hunter or predator kills them, so Aldara is considered young to most owls.)
Alias?: n/a

Species: Owl
Breed:Snowy Owl
Appearance:She is a plain white owl with orange eyes.
Personality: Aldara is like most owls come out to be. She is a very wise and intelligent owl. She can be funny at times, but she normally is a calm and serious owl. She is very friendly and even likes meeting new animals, even if they are not owls.
Physical Problems?:(not required; you animal doesn't need to have any)
Mental Problems: She does not have any mental problems.

Wanted Rank: n/a
Current group?:Might make an owl group

History: She was stolen from her nest as a fledgling so she does not remember her family. Although that happened she was raised by a wolf. This wolf protected her and fed her as a fledgling but unfortunately died from rabies. The owl was left alone at the age of 2 to fend for herself. She usually bonds well with wolves but she is a good friend to many animals.

Parents: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Other Family of Significance: n/a
Crushes: none
Mate: none

Weaknesses: She is a very open owl which can be dangerous if she had enemies (she likes meeting new animals{some could be her enemies that she meets}), she is large so prey can see her easier in the night, she also is white which is a disadvantage in the summer.
Strengths: She blends in well in winter, she is good at hearing, and also is a good hunter, she is not easily brought down (mentally and physically)
Habits:She tends to just go out and fly around scanning the forest to make sure nothing has changed.
Likes: making new friends, hunting
Dislikes: animals that betray her or her friends, summer and heat
Fears: death, fire, and the loss of a friend

Friends: none yet
Enemies: none
Accessories n/a
Theme Song: Skyscraper- Devi Lovato
Other characters?: soon
Extras?: nope
Self Motto: "Life can get hard at times but that is no reason to give up"
OoC| I found BC by Destinys Faith (I was Nova :p)
The secret password is This member has entered the correct password. -Travis
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PostSubject: Re: Aldara the Beauty   Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:05 pm


Welcome Aldara to Beautiful Creatures! Glad you could make it. Without further intro you can now rp.
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Aldara the Beauty
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