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 A Demonic Angel

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PostSubject: A Demonic Angel    Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:05 pm


Intimidating; Hostile ; Lethal

Nickname(s): Ari, Riste
Name Origin: ---
Name Meaning: Love, playfulness, childish, happiness
Pronouncetion: Ah-wrist-eh

Sex: Female
Age: 2 3/4
Alias?: The Killer Angel

Species: Wolf
Breed: Mackenzie Valley wolf

Appearance: She has thick, jet black fur that is long and silky. Her tail is very long, and feathered. Her muzzle is long, and flecked with snow white speckles. Her frame is on the smaller side, and she is very agile. She has a broad-ish chest and shoulders, and slim haunches, legs small but very long, and packed with power. Her paws and small, with closed toes, 4 inches when splayed out. She has a scar from the crook of her left leg, up across her chest, to her pulse point, and another from the base of her ear, around and down to the corner of her eye, and many scars hidden under the thick of her fur. Her fangs are quite large, long, and sharp. Her eyes are gold with silver flecks, but at night the lighting change makes them appear to be silver with golden highlights. Her ears are medium sized, allowing her to hear far, but also not be too cold. She weights around 98-103 pounds, and relies on her speed, agility, and intelligence in fights.

She's a tall 34 inches in height, and 6 1/2 feet from the tip of her nose, to the tip of her tail. Her scull measures 12 inches long, with strong, bone crushing jaws, along with especially strong neck and leg muscles. She holds herself high, and fluffs her fur so her head and legs don't look out of place, as they are from her species' size only, but because of constant starving, exercise, and masochism, her body, and paws were smaller, while genetic things like legs, head, and muzzle stayed the same size, and contrasted largely to her graceful, willowy torso. Soon after finding the territory that was now her home, she ate more, and grew more, as she was still young, but she didn't have many months left to grow, and still appears a half a size too small for her body, giving her a natural beauty of a long, strong muzzle and head, which also serves to be successful in crushing bone, and bringing down large prey, medium ears, a long tail, naturally graceful, yet powerful legs, and a lithe frame, with curved hips, which was very agile. She usually ignores the attentions of the males her beautiful appearance and natural grace very often attracts, and her rough, intimidating attitude doesn't match her looks, but can still be very, very scary whenever she pleases. It's best not to underestimate her because of her size, because you will be very sadly mistaken

Personality: She is often discribed as irritable, and is harsh on others. She will not hesitate to assert her dominance, and will do so in a painful and humiliating fashion, should you step out of line. She will push every wolf to their limits, forcing them to be only the best. She trains hard, and you better be prepared to go to the healers after a training session with her, should you request to be her apprentice. Some think she simply picks on others for the fun of it, but she only wishes them to become great warriors, the best in the land. She expects everyone to work equally hard, and doesn't choose favorites, only doing what's best for the pack as a whole, even if it's very far in the future.

It is extremely hard to earn her trust, but once you do, you will be confidants and friends, and she will be loyal. Even if you're close friends though, she won't change her personality just because of that. She's sassy and sarcastic, and hates her time to be wasted. She has a special soft spot for pups, and would accept any young pup into the pack, so long as it still promised to be faithful to her. Her eyes hide the pain, a fragile layer of emotionlessness concealing the anguish in her multicolored orbs. She is often found hunting and patrolling the territory, or sitting alone, thinking to herself. Is often evasive of personal questions, and a curious fae or brute who pushes to far will be met with a painful slash, and being chased away. She is always alert, and finds it difficult to let her guard down.

Until you at least mildly earn her respect, she will treat you as an omega, so long as you're ranking under her. She knows when to be dominant, and when to submit, but won't submit unless necessary. True to her name, her appearance of an angel, and the anger and hostility of a demon.

Physical Problems?: None
Mental Problems: Is slightly insane, and dark, though doesn't let it show too much.

Rouge?: ATM
Wanted Rank: N/A
Current group: May make her own pack
History: Her mother was kicked from the pack when she was pregnant, for supposedly killing a pup. Ariste and her siblings were born as loners, and kept in hiding. They were safe and comforable for the first 3 months of their life, before their father left them to find a new pack. Despite their mother's efforts, when they were 5 months old, the pups were taken and used for fight entertainment. While Ariste won most fight, climbing higher and higher in ranking, her siblings did not fare as well, quickly being killed off in the fights. Only Ariste and her sister, Adrienna, continued to win fights. As they grew, they were forced to fight bigger and bigger things. Only the toughest survived, and Adrienna and Ariste became tougher and more harsh, having to mature quicker than most pups. Ariste wasn't necessarily a rebel, but often attacked wolves and guard, or happened to kill her opponant too quickly, as the pack liked the fights to be drawn out. If any of those happened, she would be starved, and would go without food or water until she couldn't manage to even hold her own weight, and would stay curled in the very back of her den until they had mercy on her, and gave her a vole or small rabbit, even a bird, anything that was spared after the last feast. She usually was forced to watch all her packmates feed on large rabbits, and elk and deer, while she sat alone in her cave, either guarded or tied up. She wasn't allowed to stay with her sister in a den, but they stayed very close, taking every opportunity to talk and stay close, which made what happened next all the harder. When She was 19 months old, Ariste was forced to kill her now only living sibling, her sister and best friend. She was devastated, and became a harsh killer, feeling no regret to kill another wolf, even trying more and more to escape. It became harder and harder to contain her hostility, and was often punished when she attacked someone, and became the best in the pack. The best fighter around. Everyone hated to fight her. She sometimes went days before they would feed her. She escaped twice, only to be tracked down again. She turned sullen, and that's when she turned masochist, at times refusing the water or food they brought her, and only feeding herself enough to win her fights, and nothing more. Finally, when

She was 21 months, She managed to escape during a storm, when she was left unattended for once, hidden in the darkness by her black fur. She ran without looking back, traveling for months to get as far away from her prison as she could. She travelled far until she came upon the lands that are now her home. 

Parents: Raenishae - Mother, alive
Tyrsone - Father, alive
Siblings: Adrienna - Sister, deceased
Ace - Brother, deceased
Abiom - Brother, deceased
Pups: Haha. No
Other Family of Significance: No one
Crushes: None
Mate: Nope

Weaknesses: Emotions, Isolated, socially inept. Can't commumicate her feelings well, heartless. Isn't a great huntress
Strengths: Highly trained fighter, Agile, fast runner, natural born leader
Habits: Waking up with the first rays of the sun, and going for a run, talking to herself
Likes: Thinking, being alone, fighting, talking to her "sister" (the voice in her head that sounds like her sister), the night, shadows
Dislikes: Coyotes (sees them as the runts of the canine family), prissy/snotty animals, ones who try to boss her around, her father
Fears: Her old pack finding her, others finding out about her past. Falĺing in love, being rejected

Friends: Good luck
Enemies: This should be easy
Accessories N/A
Theme Song: Not yet
Other characters?: ---
Extras?: ----
Self Motto: "Trusting in others only leads to pain and betrayal. Why meddle with emotions?"
OoC| I found BC by looking for places for advertise, and it caught my attention immediatly :3
The secret password is This member has entered the correct password. -Travis

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PostSubject: Re: A Demonic Angel    Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:34 pm

I love your bio XD well the doen parts O.O

Let your fire rage on.
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PostSubject: Re: A Demonic Angel    Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:02 am

Approved stamp

Welcome Ariste to BC I'm glad you have joined us. You can now rp.
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PostSubject: Re: A Demonic Angel    

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A Demonic Angel
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