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 Soul the white fox

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PostSubject: Soul the white fox   Tue Sep 02, 2014 3:42 pm

Friendly ; Blue eyes ; White

Nickname(s): Fuzzy
Name Origin: Mother used to call her fuzzy, Soul is well... A soul >.>
Name Meaning: A soul is a soul...
Pronouncetion Soul (Sole)

Sex: Female
Age: 3 Years
Alias?: Soul the Thief

Species: fox
Breed: Arctic fox
Appearance: Soul is a pure white fox with bright, ice blue eyes. She has a body built for speed, a little bit small for a fox. She is strong, yet lithe and able to run a bit faster then other foxes for longer distances. It's perfect during the winter when she steals food from the wolf packs, where she gets her name. She has had a few bad run ins with other scavengers and wolves, where she got a scar that runs from above her right eye to the tip of her muzzle on the right side.
Personality: Soul is a friendly fox, always willing to be nice towards anyone who is nice to her. But, she is very crafty and smart, and can easily talk her way out of things. She can be quite playful as well, often seen with a smile over her jaws.
Physical Problems?: Not really
Mental Problems: Nope

Rouge?: Yes
Wanted Rank: Nope, rogue
Current group?: Nope, rogue

History:(Maybe later)

Parents: Dead
Siblings: Dead
Pups: None
Other Family of Significance: None
Crushes: None
Mate: None

Weaknesses: Not the best fighter, can't see much wrong in the world, easily deceived
Strengths: Friendly, good talker, very fast, smart
Habits: a Following wolf packs for food
Likes: Having friends, playing, being full fed
Dislikes: Mean animals, being lied to, summer
Fears: Never getting friends, being killed, never starting a family

Friends: None
Enemies: None
Accessories None
Theme Song: None yet
Other characters?: Mai first character
Extras?: None
Self Motto: You get what you give
The secret password is This member has entered the correct password. -Travis
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PostSubject: Re: Soul the white fox   Tue Sep 02, 2014 8:15 pm

Hi Mals!

Anyways, welcome Soul to the site! I hope you enjoy your stay as well you can now rp.
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Soul the white fox
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