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 Lakota The snow Leopard

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Animal Species: Snow Leopard
Rank: Alpha

PostSubject: Lakota The snow Leopard    Mon Sep 01, 2014 10:30 pm

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Nickname(s): Dakota or just Kota
Name Origin:Native american
Name Meaning: Freind, Ally
Pronouncetion:La-co-ta or du-co-ta
Age: Two

Species: Leopard
Breed: Snow Leopard
Personality:A sweet loving animal who tries to comfort people with issues. Always wanting to make things better for people and make their lives dazzling to the mind. Yet he also can be a horrible mean creature with eyes that burn right thru your soul. Yet that part his hidden deep and takes a while of picking at to get on that dangerous side. He is a funny one with lots of energy.
Physical Problems?:He has none
Mental Problems:He has a weak nerve by his flank that causes his legs to collapse when having imense pressure on it.

Rouge?:For now
Wanted Rank:Alpha
Current group?:None yet.

History: A fire had broken out after a man threw a cigarette at a tree after smoking. He and his mother sat in the cave attempting to escape the roaring fire outside. Yet his mother lay there burnt in many places covered in soot and her paws raw. Lakota sat by her dieing as well crying "Mom pleasde don't go don't leave me here all alone!" And his mom said nothing just lay there. Yet she began singing a lullaby to him and he fell asleep. She smiled saying "Farewell my son, and God have mercy on your soul.." her head fell to the ground as her life left her. Lakota woke up in a Leopards jaws as they ran away from the cave his mother had died in. Lakota screamed and cried "No Mama No!" as he hissed and spat. He has been beaten half to death all his life rushing thru pain and misery yet he tried top stay happy. A wolf bit him in the leg and his flank causing nerve damage.

Parents:Icefur (Deceased) and Snapjaw (Deceased)
Siblings: Marrowjaw and Lilytail
Kits: None
Other Family of Significance:None
Crushes: None yet
Mate:No one yet

Weaknesses:He is soft in the heart and can be easy to well kill. Weak nerve in legs and flank. Does not like fighting. You can literally beat him half to death and he will let you.
Strengths:Has a very strong dark side. Very powerful. long sharp fangs.
Habits:Will often shy away from females.
Likes: Elk, Rabbit, Nice animals.
Dislikes:Mean animals, rats, birds.
Fears:Death, Blood, Gore, Mating

Friends: None yet
Enemies: None yet
Accessories None Yet
Theme Song:
Other characters?:Coming Soon
Extras?:He has lots of scars
Self Motto: You are sad hurt, angry, mad, and disappointed. But you know what put on a smile and move on I know it will hurt but you will live thru it.
How I found Bc: Animus top 50
Password: This member has entered the correct password. -Travis
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PostSubject: Re: Lakota The snow Leopard    Tue Sep 02, 2014 8:11 pm

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Welcome Lakota to Beautiful Creatures! If you need anything feel free to pm a staff member or a member, without further intro you can now rp!
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Lakota The snow Leopard
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