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PostSubject: About your Admin Travis   About your Admin Travis EmptyMon Sep 01, 2014 7:09 am

My name is Annissa [uh-knee-s-ah] Tina. H, no way I'm giving chu my full name -_- xD. Most people don't pronounce my name right. I was named from a girl who had cancer, her name was Anissa. But I was ultimately named by my moms sister Tina who had cancer in her lungs called Wilm's she passed on at the age of eighteen. So part of my name carries my aunts name. I was born 3 months after my aunts death on October 16, 2000 1:16pm, though my due date was on November 3d. The funny thing is my best friend was suppose to be born the same day as me instead I was born a month early and he was 2 days early. Ever since he says I cheated xD. Sucker! I also am a female.

Name definition and origin;
My name means "Favor" and "Grace". My name comes from Anna or Ann, it's from the Hebrew Origin.

I am 5 feet and 6-7", tall huh? Yup I was the second tallest in every class, yeah besides in 3 grad but then a boy I kind of knew dwarfed meh... Yeah I got really competitive and started eating my fruits and veggies, all for nothing -_-. Other wise I have been dwarfed by tall guys (only a few inches though!). I am a brunette though when I'm in the sun it's tips can turn blond. I have fair skin besides in the summer I turn tan but only a few shades darker. 'Supposedly' I have soft hands... I don't know why but my friends tell me this all the time. My eyes are a dark brown with a light honey brown near the iris.

I like to fiddle with my hands... 0_0 and bite my nails when I'm nervous. I also ramble when I'm talking to strangers because I get nervous.

Interesting Facts;
Well I have 3 family's; my moms side (which are a lot like me), my dad's side who I haven't seen in 2 years though I did shut my dad out of my life, and my foster side who took my mom in. I have 6 siblings, 1 nine year old sister and 6 brothers 1 being a step-brother and I am the eldest out of them all, explains my patience and mother bird trait. I didn't know I had a brother until I was 3 since my dad was leading a double 'love affair'. But when my second brother was born I didn't want to take him home if he was a girl... I had to check to see if he was male xD. Ever since I took care of my siblings. I learned that I have a double jointed jaw meaning I can open it up wider and sometimes pop it out of its socket but i get a cramp afterwards. I have Irish blood in my as well Caucasian and African America, and my dad says I have Hispanic blood but I don't know if that's true. Um... Yeah that's it xD. Oh I'm also a tom boy so I'm not into make up or really cute shoes to look all hot for a guy... No just no, I'm not going into that anytime soon. *shivers*

I LOVE to read! I like more of those books when someone hates someone and then they likey xDD Razz. I also like my Greek mythology and my favorite Greek god is Poseidon, god of water. I enjoy scenery and would like to start photography. I love animals and my favorite animal would be a panda and then the orca. I like meh wolfs but those are my top favorites. I like flowers but I'm allergic to them... But my favorite flower is a stare gazer lily and orchard. My lucky number is 78. I luff the color green, but not just any green, it's a dark shade of E-M-E-R-A-L-D! I love my fruits so I'm a Fruitatarian— not a Vegetarian, Fruitatarian. I don't like my veggies cooked I eat them raw.

I am single but I am not looking for a companion, I have better things to do then trust someone with my feelings.

I don't have any jobs at the moment.

Future Career;
I'm hoping I'll have a scholarship and enough money to go to college so I can start on my future settings. I am hoping to help many kids/adults with mental disabilities and physical problems as well helps those in need. I am also hoping I can open up my own no-kill shelters for dogs and have my own horse.

I hate heights. Yup, I never want to go on a plane unless someone knocks me out or I'll be stress eating/talking, lol. I have a really bad phobia of spiders and suffocating... I like to breath. I also panic with needles.. And go pale and light headed around blood. Very bad.

I have an even persona. I can be very stubborn and hard headed ;D I also can be very compassionate to others. I have really bad trust issues. At first impression I am shy and stay to myself though once I see you more I can be very outgoing and fun to hang with. I do have a big mouth and that gets me in trouble. I can also be really laid back depending on who I'm with at the time. I hate fighting since I was younger my dad and step dad would yell at my mom or me so I guess I have a traumatic experience with that. I don't like to ask for much or I get this big guilt trip and I feel like I need to make it up to you. I also like to see my friends happy, sometimes I give then space before going in to talk to them. I normally know how to cheer you up. I am very observant so I can pick things up about you study xD.

I stand up in what I believe in and will go in great lengths for you to see my point or achieve my belief. I stick up for my friends and if you offend me in someway I can get very mad where I stay stuff I don't mean but then I always apologize if I think I need to as well if my guilt gets the better of good of me. I am kinda mature but I like to goof around and tackle you 0_o though I'm not a touchy feely person when I'm calm. I hate germs! I get all squirmy and go on a parade of cleaning, I like to be organized and if I'm not I get very annoyed and do everything I can to re organize.

Historical events;
When I was in 4th grad I got mono AKA the kissing disease, for those of you that don't know mono is it just makes you really really tired. All you wanna do is sleep and that's the only cure. I had a rare case where I had it for a year, my numbers were high so all I did was sleep and sleep. I also had pneumonia in both lungs when I was 9 or 10, I was in the hospital for a few weeks it was really bad where they thought I wasn't going to survive. But I did! Beat that Mother Nature! I also recently just got over a hon concussion. I just passed 7th grad but I was an A student but that stopped me from doing homework. I do have a history of sleep walking and night terrors when I was younger (p.s that's how I got my concussion, by sleep walking. Rolling Eyes).
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About your Admin Travis
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