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Is among us! Trees and plants are bursting with life and color, making Nysrose look like the heavens above have kissed the ground we walk on, blessing us with bounty of food and water. Herds are returning back from the South with their young. Looks like there may not be much hosility between the Clans, we can only hope.
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 The Island Between Heaven and Earth

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The Island Between Heaven and Earth Empty
PostSubject: The Island Between Heaven and Earth   The Island Between Heaven and Earth EmptyMon Feb 16, 2015 7:58 pm

[align="center"]The Island Between Heaven and Earth Ba408add-6f36-48f3-bd3e-52ae6065ec34

Long ago when the world was young and the race was younger a great chaos ensued threatening to take the life of all the beings who roamed the earths surface, both the young and the old, the pure and the foul, the cruel and the innocent, they all fell prey to the terrible tragedy that plagued the planet. But all was not lost, for even in the darkest corners of the earth a flicker of hope can still be nursed into a flame. A single soul found itself morning for not just the pain of it's loved ones but for the whole of the earth and in the pure tears of the gentle Goddess came forth the means of survival. Once the crystal tear came in contact with the earth a crack formed on the surface and soon spread far and wide till it wrapped itself around the mountains like a warm embrace offering a chance at peace and happiness. Once the Goddess crossed over the threshold of the crack created by her sorrow she felt a new found hope burning inside her and her love for her children rose the island into the sky where the equines that stood upon it lived and flourished for many years finding peace and happiness. It is said that the Goddess still lives among those who she loved so much that she saved them from great tragedy. Many believe her to be no more than folklore and live in ignorance of how their floating island came to be, and some think it only a children's tale to send their younglings to be with warmth in their hearts, but it is a matter for you to seek out on your own.
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The Island Between Heaven and Earth
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