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 The Lost City ~Open~

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PostSubject: The Lost City ~Open~   Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:50 am

Crystal didn't know where she was, but she could feel the ground was slightly rocky beneath her paws, and she could not hear any animals near. |I wonder where I am, the ground is strange...| She thought to herself as she slowly navigated through the ruin. After a few more steps she felt something quite sharp beneath her paw. Crystal squeaked and rushed to the left, but slammed into a wall. Crystal toppled backwards onto a few more spiky rocks, and stayed still. Her heart pounding, Crystal rolled over the rocks and onto her paws. Her pelt was scratched, and so was her paw. She limped on three legs and walked a bit more carefully this time. |I don't like it here!|
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The Lost City ~Open~
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