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 Brigadette the Brave

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Animal Species: Jaguar
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Group: Enigma

PostSubject: Brigadette the Brave   Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:28 pm


Sassy ; Intelligent ; Cunning

Nickname(s): Brig, Dette, Miss Dette
Name Origin: English
Name Meaning: From Brigade/Brigadier
Pronouncetion: Brig-ah-debt

Sex: Female
Age: Three years old
Elemental?: Water

Species: Panthera Onca | Jaguar
Breed: Brazilian Jaguar
Appearance: Brigadette is a fiery golden flame colored, with splashes of white here and there. With golden tan legs and sides, her back is a burning orange, a prominently different shade. Her underbelly is a snowy white, the exact opposite of her back. Her eyes are an enchanting, unusual light violet with a silver tinge in it. With long, sharp fangs that tear through flesh, she has a mouth full of teeth. Her black-as-night rosette spots are like black holes in her brightly colored fur, making themselves very conspicuous. Medium sized paws conceal sharp, dagger-like claws, legs powerful from running and climbing. Her ears are smaller, and more rounded than sharp, with a nick taken out of the right one. Scars lay across her pelt, but are mostly hidden by thick fur.
Personality: She is a feisty, take-control kind of gal, and won't let anyone say she's weak for any reason. She's very sassy and sarcastic, not usually bothering to hold her tongue. She'll say what she thinks, even if it may get her in trouble, but she isn't stupid. She does think things through, and is very thoughtful and curious about things. If she doesn't know something, you can count on her to find it out. Though she is truly quite self-conscious, she wills herself not to show it, and be her normal, loudspoken self. She's the type of feline that other kits look up to and want to be like, strong willed and free spirited. She's very brave, willing to do anything to help out her Clan, even if it means risking her life. It is difficult to gain her trust, and won't be given right away, but once she opens up you can count on her. She believes in proving yourself, and will usually accept to help train others, as long as she doesn't have five others she's helping train.
Physical Problems?: The tip of her right ear torn off.
Mental Problems: None

Rouge?: No
Wanted Rank: Queen of Enigma
Current group?: Enigma

History: (To be written)

Parents: Siarra - Mother | Unknown
Fredrich - Father | Deceased
Siblings: Maera - Sister | Unknown
Lyra - Sister | Unknown
Kilera - Brother | Deceased
Vierci - Brother | Alive
Cubs: None yet
Other Family of Significance: Juri - Uncle | Unknown
Crushes: Her beloved Dmitri
Mate: Dmitri of course!

Weaknesses: Earth powers, and her hidden dark side. She has a weakness for her pack and loved ones, that she would sacrifice most anything to save them, even if it were a bad choice. She has trouble getting past old wrong-doings, so if you never apologized to her for something a long time ago, you can count on her to remember it. She gets bored very easily, and it's usually a bad think when she's bored.
Strengths: She is very strong willed and headstrong, so she can't be influenced by fancy words and petty temptations very easily, hard to lure into a trap. She has a smart tongue on her side, able to fell some foes with only words. She's not great at everything, but is somewhat balanced in all of the arts, though fighting is her strong spot. She's good under stress, and a natural leader.
Habits: She tends to get deeply lost in thought, and hard to pull out of. She tends to pace when stressed out or thinking, and can't seem to sit still. She loves brain exercise, and will often make up random things such as games or words, just for the fun of it.
Likes: Training her powers so they are stronger, being alone or with a few close friends, her mate Dmitri, feline cubs, hunting large game, becoming stronger, seeing the pack grow.
Dislikes: Being disrespected, being stereotyped, boredom, being told she can't do something, her enemies, seeing pups/cubs injured (of any species), being underestimated because she's a female.
Fears: The Night Breeze Clan Supreme, her loved ones being injured or killed, everyone she cares about turning on her

Friends: Dmitri, Juri, Vierci
Enemies: Nite, Brec, Grey
Accessories None
Theme Song:
Other characters?: To be activated
Extras?: Nothing
Self Motto: "Don't be so naive to not see what's right before you"
OoC| I found BC by being Admin Brigadette
The secret password is not required
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PostSubject: Re: Brigadette the Brave   Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:11 pm

Lovely bio Brig! I still have to put thought into Dmitri... He's complicated Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Brigadette the Brave   Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:00 am

Yes, very nice bio quiet interesting! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Brigadette the Brave   

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Brigadette the Brave
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