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Hello, dear Beautiful Creatures guests and members! The site is now officially open and accepting! After hard work on the Staff's part, Beautiful Creatures is reopening! All are welcome to join in on the fun!
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Is among us! Trees and plants are bursting with life and color, making Nysrose look like the heavens above have kissed the ground we walk on, blessing us with bounty of food and water. Herds are returning back from the South with their young. Looks like there may not be much hosility between the Clans, we can only hope.
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 Faye The Truthful

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Animal Species: Leopard
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PostSubject: Faye The Truthful   Faye The Truthful EmptyTue Feb 03, 2015 8:55 pm

Faye The Truthful Beauti10
Confident ; Trustworthy ; Faithful

Nickname(s): Make one up ;P
Name Origin: English
Name Meaning: Variant of Faith or Fairy. Confidence; trust; belief.
Pronouncetion: F-A-Y-E

Sex: Female
Age: 1 and 1 month
Alias: Golden Fairy
Elemental?: Faye can make and manipulate fire. (didiusethatwordright?)

Species: Leopard
Breed: Sir Lankan Leopard
Appearance:( She has a golden coat with her classic black spots. Her fur is generally smooth and soft, but sometimes taking on a spiked look time to time. She has amber eyes which resembles a gold tint during curtain times. She has a scar on her right forepaw, unnoticable but its there.
Personality:( Faye carries her name out well, She is very confident in herself as well as others. She is very trustworthy and almost never lies. She will only lie to an enemy or someone she does not know. She will tell always tell her superior the truth even if it could get her in big trouble. Her beliefs are strong and hold she won't change her mind on anything making her very stubborn. Although stubborn Faye is very obedient and will do anything her superior tells her to do. 
Physical Problems?: Faye currently has no problems
Mental Problems: err no

Rouge?: Yes for now, but I hope for her to join the Enigma Clan
Wanted Rank:( balto or elite when shes older and if she joins the clan.
Current group?: in the future

History:( Basically she lived with her mother until she died and now shes on her own. 

Parents: Miya (Mother, Dead)
Siblings: Only child
Cubs: To young O.O
Other Family of Significance:
Crushes: not yet Wink
Mate:(required if you have any)

Weaknesses: Water, the cold, swimming
Strengths: Heat, Allies, and of course fire.
Habits: often pacing or zoning out.
Likes: She favors cubs/kits
Dislikes:(She hates lying and hurting young.
Fears: Drowning, losing control of her element, and being punished by a loved one.

Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Accessories N/A
Theme Song: 
Other characters?: Deleted them
Extras?:(not required)
Self Motto: "Have trust in yourself and others." "Stand strong and believe in yourself." "Too much work leaves the mind dead."
OoC| I found BC by destiny's faith 
The secret password has been eaten by a hungry Jaguar

Let your fire rage on.
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Character sheet
Animal Species: Jaguar
Rank: Queen
Group: Enigma

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PostSubject: Re: Faye The Truthful   Faye The Truthful EmptyTue Feb 03, 2015 10:05 pm

Approved stamp

Faye is accepted! You may now begin roleplaying her in Neutral territories.

Faye The Truthful Angry-Jaguar-wallpaper_zpsewqpi2h8
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PostSubject: Re: Faye The Truthful   Faye The Truthful EmptyFri Feb 06, 2015 11:44 pm

Very Nice Biography Faye and I really like your character's name. There is one small problem, your age on here is different from under your profile information, please change one so we can know the exact age. ~Fixed
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PostSubject: Re: Faye The Truthful   Faye The Truthful Empty

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Faye The Truthful
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