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 Clan Descriptions

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Sanguine Clan
Joyful | Sweet | Herbivores

The Sanguine Clan is made up of a group of large Herbivores, including anything from Bison to Deer, large and small hooved animals. They are known to be the more kind of the clans, though they are not naive. Gentle and caring, they are not particularly fond of the war raging. However, they will fight for survival, strong willed and not the type to simply give up and go extinct.


These are the leaders of the herd, the ones that keep the Clan safe and together. They are the highest rank, always a mated pair, and are in full charge of the Clan. They have great responsibility resting on their shoulders, and are to be obeyed at all costs. The Lead male and female are always mated.

These are the Herbivores just under the Leads, second in command and second to be in charge if the Leads are away on business, or simply unavailable. They are trusted greatly by the Heads, and are to be chosen wisely. They are to be obeyed by every rank below them, at all costs. This rank is usually a mated pair.

There are three different kinds of this rank. There are the Guardian Trainers, the Fighting Trainers, and the Foal Trainers. The Guardian Trainers are responsible for training the guard animals. The Fighting trainers are responsible for training the young mares/does/cows and stallions/bucks/bulls how to fight. The foal trainers are  responsible for teaching and caring for young foals/calves, if and when their parents aren't present. There are two positions for each rank, but none of them have to be mated.

These are the "protector" rank, so to speak. They are specifically tasked to patrol the boarders, make sure there aren't any attackers on the way, and seek out more resting places, if the Clan hasn't settled in one place yet. There are two Lead Guards, in charge of watching over any high ranks that required it. Such as the Lead Male, Lead Female, or the Lead Female's children. Guards are unlimited, and the Lead Guards do not have to be mated. The Lead Guards can also train newer Guards, if the Trainers are unavailable.

These beasts are the equivalent of Guards, but are trained to fight instead of defend. They are usually ages 3-6, but can be older or younger, if required. They also patrol the border line, and search for any attackers. There are lead Fighters, who can also train new Fighters if required, and stay and fight with the Heads to assure their safety, should a fight break out.

These are the only beasts with no responsibilities, being 1 year older or younger, and unable  to work. They are to be protected at all costs against enemies. If the Lead Male and Female have any children, one of them will be chosen to become the heir to the Clan, if they wish, but they don't have to, and the Sub-Leads can become the new Heads instead.

Name - Male Leader | Name - Female Leader

Enigma Clan
Mysterious | Cunning | Big Cats

The Enigma Clan is a sneaky and cunning Clan, masters of stealth and manipulating words. They are intelligent, knowing how to twist their and others' words to their advantage, all the while keeping themselves hidden in the shadows. These felines are ones to watch out for, should you be fighting them. They are no weaklings, and not afraid to step in the light once in a while.


Supreme and Queen
These are the two rulers of the Clan, the dominant pair. They make the rules, and hold authority over the other ranks. They have to keep their pack safe, and be courageous in danger. They have to keep all of their members safe and sound. They are always a mated pair.

These are the right-paw-cats to the Queen and Supreme, leading the Clan along side them. They would have to be someone the Leader trusts, responsible and a great Leader. They are in charge whenever the Supreme and Queen are away, and are to be obeyed by all lower ranks without hesitation. They are usually a mated pair.

These are the third in command, likened to the "enforcers" of the group. They over see the Clan more than the territory, be sure everyone is following the rules, and that everything is in order, as it should be. They also check to see how the members' Training and jobs are coming along, such as the Jaagter bringing back enough food, the Balto's training enough. There are four spots available for two males and two females. They do not have to be mated.

These are the fighters in the Clan, meant to defend the Clan against intruders, or sent out to attack others. They are sent on patrols to make sure everything is safe for the Clan. The Baltos are fairly responsible for keeping the pack safe. There are also Lead Baltos, who can help train new ones. The Lead pair do not have to be mated.

These are the hunting cats of the Clan. They make sure the rest of the members are fed, and there is enough prey in stock for famines or winter. They don't always, but often hunt larger game in small to medium groups, such as moose. Some travel far just on a hunting trip. There are Lead Jaagters, who can help train younger and newer Jaagters,  and call together group hunts. The Lead pair do not have to be mated.

These are Healers of the Clan, the ones that look after older, sick, or injured members. They have to have at least a small knowledge of herbs and what effect they have. They often travel out to territories to find more herbs and healing supplies. There can be two Lead Medics, who can train Trainees and newer Medics. They do not have to be a mated pair.

These are the younger kits in the Clan, who do not have a rank or a job yet. Once they are old enough, they can begin training toward whatever career they choose in the pack. They can help out with catching small prey, if they're old enough, but until they're 6 months they can not go anywhere without an older feline. Out of the Supreme and Queen's litter, one kit may be chosen to be their heir.

Dmitri - Supreme | Brigadette - Queen

Necrosis Clan
Harsh | Cruel | Bears

You'd have to be crazy to mess with the lumbering giants in the Necrosis Clan. These beasts are merciless, and will tear through others to get what they please. These carnivores are generally stubborn, not easily persuaded, and are smart enough to not waste their energy too much. These mixed breeds of bears live in a large group, and are supposed to be fearless against danger.


King and Regina
These two are the dominant male and female of the Clan, the overlords and Alphas. They create the laws for the others to follow, and are to be obeyed immediately and constantly if you value your limbs. They are also responsible for keeping their Clan safe, for as big as they are, it does not mean none of their enemies will challenge them. The King and Regina are always mated.

These are the beasts that rank just below the King and Regina, the second Leaders. They are as well trusted by the King and Regina, and their stand-ins if they are away somewhere, such as hunting or scouting. They are charged with the task of enforcing the laws that the Leaders set, and can be requested for training, and if they accept you'll have the second in command as your mentor. These are usually a mated pair, but don't have to be.

Elders are the old Bears in the pack, who can be either only just beginning to age, or are already incapable of hunting and defending themselves. When the Clan Leaders are humble enough, the Elders are called upon for their wisdom and knowledge of the territories, and best places to Den. Some kind old Elders may even tell the Children tales about their life.

These are the Warriors of the pack, the offense during an attack. They are skilled in fighting and defense, patrolling the borderline for any threats to the Clan. There are also Head Sef, who can help train the others who wish to learn  more, as well as the new fighters. The Head Sef do not have to be a mated pair.

These are the Hunters for the Clan, trained and raised to bring back food for those who can't go hunting, whether they be new mothers, old elders, or simply too busy with their own responsibilities. They have to provide enough kills for everyone, which can be a tiring job to do all day. The Head Capo can call together group hunts, though there isn't much need, when it's required. They also help new hunters learn. They do not have to be a mated pair.

These are the Healers and Babysitters of the bear Clan, taking care of the injured, the elderly, and the young alike if required of them. They have a vast knowledge of herbs and such to help with wounds and pains, which they can gather in various places.  There are Head Caretakers, who are the best out of all and granted with a special title they have to uphold. They do not have to be a mated pair.

These are the young Bears in the Clan, the ones not yet old enough to begin hunting and fighting, or only just starting to. They do not have any special jobs to do, though if they please they can try to help out with catching prey for those unable to, or begin studying herbs, whatever their choice in path requires.

Name - King | Name - Regina

Tarsus Clan
Loyal | Mischievous | Birds

The Tarsus Clan is a clan of the sky, made up of birds soaring through the air. This Clan has a reputation of causing Mischief, being untouchable in the sky. Even so, they are extremely loyal toward each other, and will easily fight for friends and family. These flying terrors are intelligent, and a tad playful, usually social birds. As harmless as they can seem, never underestimate them, you never know when you'll have a pair of talons sinking into your back.

Prince and Pandora
These are the lawmakers and highest rank of the flock, the ones that keep all the other members in line, and oversee the Clan. They make sure that their Clan and members stay safe, and are to be obeyed without question. They are always a mated pair.

These are the second in command birds, who help the Prince and Pandora. They may help them make decisions if needed, or simply keep the pack in line. They are responsible for taking care of the pack if the Prince and Pandora are away, ill, or unable to run the Clan anymore. They are usually, but do not have to be a mated pair.

These are the third in command Birds, who play a large part in helping others train and making sure everyone in prepared. There are Scavenger Chiefs and Kovec Chiefs. The Chiefs can help anyone who needs help with improving. There are two spots available for each type of chief, neither have to be mates.

These are the Hunters of the Flock, they either search for remaining food or leftover kill from another hunter, or the larger birds kill other animals for food. They are in charge of keeping the Clan fed and food readily available. There are also Main Scavengers, the lead hunters. They can organize group hunts if needed to take down larger prey, and can help with newer Scavengers. They do not have to be a mated pair.

These are the fighters of the group, the ones who are charged with the task of keeping everyone in the Clan safe, and checking for attacks. They are also the ones that head first into battle, trained to fight. There are also Main Kovec, the lead fighters. They can make spying missions if need be, and can help train other warriors. They do not have to be a mated pair.

Curador and Curadora
These are the healers and helpers of the Clan, trained to care for and heal the young, sick, elderly or ill. They are the most experienced with herbs in the Clan, and at least one must always be ready to help. There are two Main healers, who can help train Cadets and other birds, as well as send them out to gather herbs. They do not have to be a mated pair.

Chicks are the young birds in the Clan, not old enough to fly well or hunt properly. The Cadets are the chicks just beginning to spread their wings, and can catch at least small prey. They have mentors to help them progress down their path to whatever rank. One chick out of the Prince and Pandora's eggs can be chosen as the heir.

Name - Prince | Name - Pandora
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I am back on the site now and hoping to be active, I notice quite a bit of change and was wondering if there is a wolf pack.
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