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 Lavaria the Arctic Wolf

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PostSubject: Lavaria the Arctic Wolf   Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:43 am

(Insert Image here; not required)
adjective ; adjective ; adjective

Nickname(s): Lava
Name Origin:
Name Meaning:

Age: She is one year old (Accidentally put 8 months old when I was registering no thanks to my tablet lol)
Alias?: Lavaria the SheWolf

Species: Wolf
Appearance:Her fur is somewhat fluffy and black with a silvery grey sadle on her back. She has yellow eyes. She is average build.
Personality:Lavaria is known to be calm and caring towards others. She is shy at first but then she becomes more like herself. She is protective of the youngster and of the group. She is always happy unless she loses a friend or family.
Physical Problems?:
Mental Problems:

Rouge?: No, She has three 2 month old pups with her from her pack.
Wanted Rank: Beta, scout but it doesnt matter
Current group?: Lamia Pack

History: Lavaria came from a medium size pack where her father was alpha and her mother was his mate. She was one of three pups. Her mother also had three other litters before her. She has Four sisters and five brothers. One of her sisters Rosa had pups a few weeks before the pack was attacked by a rival pack. She remember the day that like it was just yesterday. The sound of her mother telling her to take Lotus and her brothers Kona and Koda to the hideaway nursery. The sounds of the rival pack howling,yipping and growlings as they got close. Lavaria scrambled around searching for the three pups but she only managed to save one of the pups her sister had named Lotus after the white spot on her forehead that looks kind of like a lotus flower.Kona and Koda had been hiding in some bushes and Lavaria had hope they would survive the fight. Lavaria made her way to the two boys. She managed to get the boys to follow her and she got them into the hideout. Once the sounds of fighting ended Lavaria helped the pups out of the hiding den and saw all that was left of the pack and her family. Lavaria went looking for a new pack with the pups in tow. She became the mother of the pups since the pups' mother was dead.

Parents:Ai and Tobias
Siblings:four sisters; Rosa, Hana, Destiny, and Carnation and brothers; Zuma, Taide(sounds like tide), Resu, Beast, Harlem(Har-lem), Linkin
Pups:Yes but they are Lavaria's sister's pups that she has considered her own since the murder of her family and pack. They are Lotus, Kona and Kota
Other Family of Significance:

Weaknesses:Kidnapping of the pups, Losing the pack or group and losing a fight
Strengths:Winning a fight, killing a prey, and being the proector of the goup
Habits: Playing with her food by catching them, letting them go and catch them again over and over until the animal is tired out or she gets bored and kills it. Chasing her tail is another habit .
Likes:Likes playing with her food, play fighting, and winning fights
Dislikes:others picking on the pups or herself, all that animals and picky eaters
Fears: being drowned by a prey, losing prey, getting sick,or being hurt.

Friends: none yet
Enemies: none yet
Theme Song:
Other characters?: Not yet but once I have been on this site for a while I may make a few more
Self Motto:
OoC| I found BC by googling fanasty wolf rpg websites
The secret password is We are all beautiful

Last edited by Lavaria on Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:03 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : I wanted to make her History more exciting and descriptive)
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PostSubject: Re: Lavaria the Arctic Wolf   Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:54 pm

Hello Lavaria! Sorry for not reply to this thread but at the moment BC is inactive/shutdown. It is coming back but my computer is busted; PC and laptop. It was supposed to be open after winter break but with my computers every thing is going to be delayed. I am hoping by summer break I'll have enough money to buy another computer but I can promise anything. I am terribly sorry for such inconvenience but until further notice Beautiful Creatures is closed.
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PostSubject: Re: Lavaria the Arctic Wolf   Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:09 pm

Beautiful Creatures is officially reopened! Will you be finishing this Biography?

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PostSubject: Re: Lavaria the Arctic Wolf   

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Lavaria the Arctic Wolf
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