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 Emma; The Deadly Snow White

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PostSubject: Emma; The Deadly Snow White   Sat Dec 27, 2014 9:12 pm


Beautiful; Independent, Powerful

Nickname(s): Em or anything you can come up with!
Name Meaning: Whole, Universal
Pronouncetion: Eh-ma

Sex: Female
Age: 2 years
Alias?: Just Emma or nicknames!

Species: Leopard
Breed: Snow Leopard
Appearance:  Emma has a gray-white pelt, like most of her breed. Although, her eyes are a striking bright and vivid blue. The patterns in her coat are quite normal, the simple black flower-like shape that leopards receive.
Personality: Emma is definitely not one to be messed with. She can control herself pretty well, however if you provoke her, she will not hesitate to attack. She is overall kind but she will defend herself if necessary. She will care for young ones, for she has a soft heart for them, but when it comes to those her age and older than her, she is very stubborn and arrogant.
Physical Problems?: None
Mental Problems: None

Rouge?: Only for now.
Wanted Rank: I don't know what I can go for... : /
Current group?: None yet, hope to be in one soon though!

History: Emma is a snow leopard. She was born to two snow leopards herself

Parents: Not on this site
Siblings: Not on this site
Pups: None (hopefully Yet)
Other Family of Significance: None
Crushes: None (YET!!!!)
Mate: None (Once again YET!!!!)

Weaknesses: She will not harm anything young or innocent. She is very civilized that way. She doesn't kill with no reason. She won't kill anybody unless given instruct direction to do so, however if harm is brought to her, she will leave her mark on those who provoke her, emotionally or physically. Her greatest weakness, she can't ignore crushes. She would probably let it slide if she ended up talking to one (who she doesn't have any yet!) and ruin her tough reputation.
Strengths: She is strong. She can take down large prey on her own, and her build is a nice fit for her personality. She is tough to change her mind. Once she's made up her mind, she is difficult to sway. And the worst yet best, is that she has extreme troubles learning to trust others. Probably a reason that she didn't have many friends growing up, and she probably won't have very many for a little while when she meets others.
Habits: Clawing the ground when she is agitated which sometimes causes them to wear slightly.
Likes: Hunting, training, and talking with friends (once she gets a couple of them anyway!)
Dislikes: Killing
Fears: Dying, and not falling in love...

Friends: None (Yet)
Enemies: None (Yet)
Accessories None (Yet)
Theme Song: Emma by Imagine Dragons (lol)
Other characters?: No others (possibly have more in the future)
Extras?: Nope
Self Motto: I have the Sky above me. The Earth below me. But I have a Fire within...
OoC| I found BC by Top Animal RPG sites.
The secret password is: We are all beautiful
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Emma; The Deadly Snow White
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