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 Azalia the Red Panda

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PostSubject: Azalia the Red Panda   Sat Oct 18, 2014 11:32 pm


Mute ; Curious ; Friendly

Nickname(s): None
Name Origin: It comes from the flower, Azalea
Name Meaning:The flower
Pronunciation: Uh-zay-lee-uh

Sex: Female
Age: 2 years
Alias?: None

Species: Red panda
Breed: Red Panda, just a plain red panda.
Appearance: Azalia has red fur and dark colored legs and paws. Her tail is striped with white, and her fur is thick. The insides of her ears are white, and so is parts of her face. She takes an Azalea flower in a leaf bag she made herself with her wherever she goes, so she can show you her name. Her eyes are a light brown.
Personality: She is sweet, and speaks through actions, not words. She is brave and self-confident, and just loves climbing. She is easy to get along with, but since she doesn't have the ability to speak it is sometimes hard for her to communicate. However she can always say her name, since she carries an Azalea flower around with her to show you.
Physical Problems?: She is mute, and cannot speak.
Mental Problems: None

Rouge?: Yes
Wanted Rank: I don't know, if she joined a group she would probably be healer.
Current group?: None

History: She was born with a brother, and they lived in a cave with a few Azalea flowers in front. Her mother named her Azalia after the flowers. She lived happily with her mother, father, and brother. One day they heard a growling noise, and saw a male grizzly traveling around in their area. Azalia climbed up a tree since she was afraid, but the rest of her family ran back into the cave. The grizzly went in the cave. She heard growling of her family, and a roar of the grizzly. She heard the sounds of them fighting for a short while, then everything went quiet. She watched in horror as the grizzly walked out of the cave with her father hanging limp in it's jaws. She squealed in fright, and climbed up the tree. The grizzly bear noticed her, and walked over to the tree. It let out a growl, and rammed it's head into the tree. It's going to eat me! She squeaked and climbed higher up. She heard the sounds of a gun in the distance, and the grizzly stopped quickly. It turned, and hurried off into the forest, dropping its prey in the process. Azalia went down, to see if her family was alive. All of them had been killed by the grizzly. "M-mother?" She asked as she nosed her mother to get up. "T-twig?!" She asked, now panicked, as she nuzzled her brother's unmoving body. "No...No! This can't be! I won't accept it! Curse those grizzlies! I won't ever forgive them..." Eventually Azalia wandered off into the forest with no destination in mind. She took with her one of the flowers growing in front of her old cave. I'll take this with me, as a reminder of what the grizzlies have done. So I can remember to climb the highest I can whenever a grizzly comes. She traveled a bit, always having nightmares of that horrible day. One day she saw another grizzly bear, and began to get scared. She hid up a tall, but weak tree. She kept freaking out and couldn't hold in her fear. It heard her in the tree, but it couldn't see her. It started trying to shove the tree over, so Azalia climbed higher. "Hazel." She said quietly, trying to reach her favorite ancestor she would hear stories about, "Take away my voice so I won't be noisy anymore." Azalia said, not really thinking about what she was asking. After a few short moments she saw something. It looked like another Red Panda. Azalia realized that this spirit was Hazel, the ancestor she had called out to come help her. "Shh..." Hazel said, and then took a few steps backwards into the air. Azalia felt something strange inside, and Hazel took another step back and disappeared. Azalia realized she could not speak. She couldn't say any words. She had lost her voice. Azalia looked down and noticed after a while the grizzly sat down and tilted it's head at the tree. It couldn't hear scared squeaks coming from the branches anymore. Eventually it just grumbled and walked away. Azalia climbed down, and looked around. She couldn't talk anymore. She looked around and soon found a small patch of Azalea flowers. Maybe I should make something to carry the flowers. She began to build something, a bag of sorts. She made it out of leaves, and lots of tree sap. Soon she had a small bag, which she put the Azalea in. She picked another Azalea flower, and put it in too. She loved flowers and plants quite a bit, and began to do tests with ones she would find. She became skilled at healing after a while.

Parents: Flame ~father~ , Nightingale ~mother~
Siblings: Twig ~brother~
Pups: None
Other Family of Significance: None, well, Hazel is her respected great great great great great grandmother, and sometimes visits her in her dreams.
Crushes: None
Mate: None

Weaknesses: Her past, her family, summer
Strengths: Climbing, fighting, healing
Habits: None
Likes: Azalea flowers, plants, climbing
Dislikes: Grizzly bears, caves or places se can get trapped
Fears: Grizzly bears, Caves or places she can get trapped, the ground itself

Enemies: Grizzly bears or any bear
Accessories None
Theme Song:
Other characters?: Aurora, Ashes, Autumn, Crystal, Eira, Far
Extras?: None
Self Motto: You can never have too many characters! (lol)
OoC| I found BC by Destiny's Faith
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Azalia the Red Panda
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