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Is among us! Trees and plants are bursting with life and color, making Nysrose look like the heavens above have kissed the ground we walk on, blessing us with bounty of food and water. Herds are returning back from the South with their young. Looks like there may not be much hosility between the Clans, we can only hope.
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 Making my way

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PostSubject: Making my way   Making my way EmptyFri Oct 10, 2014 4:06 pm

After overthrowing her old clan she set out on her own. She felt no desire to lead. She only wants to follow her heart and do what is right. This includes serving under a ruler she believes in and thinks is right. Not liking her current home she set out. The new leader was not her type to follow and they were worried that she would overthrow them. She lazily walked through the snow. Feeling the cold crisp crunch under her paws and she soon came to a waterfall. The water fall was frozen but it was still a breath taking site. She slowly edged her way onto the ice and slide across it slowly. In her old home when it snowed it snowed and there was no ice visible. She took great joy in this and slide slowly back and forth. She soon came to the edge again where she stepped back on solid ground.
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PostSubject: Re: Making my way   Making my way EmptyFri Oct 10, 2014 4:44 pm

Aurora trudged along through the snow, her paws frozen from the hike down her mountain. I can't go back up, or I will die. She had found a nice place by the waterfall, where hopefully she could warm up. Even though her fur was longer than most other tiger's fur, she had been staying up in the freezing mountains which she would've died on had she stayed any longer. She stumbled through the snow, paws frozen and numb. She sniffed at the air, and scented another cat. A jaguar. She stumbled out into the open, but quickly rose up. "Greetings." Aurora said in her wise, calm voice. Snow covered her frozen fur. "Have you ev-ever been up mount Lucana? If I were you I-i wouldn't go near that mountain, especially near w-winter." She said to the stranger.
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Making my way
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