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 Fera Regina the wild

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fera regina
fera regina

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PostSubject: Fera Regina the wild   Fera Regina the wild EmptyFri Sep 19, 2014 4:42 pm

Fera Regina
Fera Regina the wild 33mr15j
wild ; free ; alone

Nickname(s): fera, regina, etc.
Name Origin: latin
Name Meaning: "fierce queen" or "wild queen"
Pronouncetion: fer-a reg-in-a

Sex: female
Age: 4 years old
Alias?: fera regina the wild

Species: horse
Breed: american paint horse
Appearance: Radest is an large, musclier mare with an black and white pelt and flaring nostrils. Her mane and tail is black. It is long and straight, and when the wind blows over her, her hair seems like an wave of darkness. Her brown eyes seem thoughtful, more intelligent than normal horses.    
Personality:  In the outside, Radest can seem like an fiery mare, causing trouble for others and generally evil. But really, she's sweet and kind. Her loyalty will stay with you till the end, and her eyes wii always be pinned on your back, making sure nothing can get around you. She wants nothing but good luck for others. Her curiosity and her drive to learn things can be her downfall, as she would take great risks just to explore. She often takes advice from others, even when it isn't good. She tends to lie when things aren't going as planned. Mates are a very confusing topic for her, she's extremely picky and if the stallion shows any hints of love for another mare she'll dump him right away. The one to be her mate will be special, she won't just pick any old stallion that just looks good.
Physical Problems?: none
Mental Problems: none

Rouge?: yes
Wanted Rank: dont know
Current group?: Most likely I will not be joining an group

History: Radest was born in a small herd, her mother being the lead mare of it. Her herd grazed near an feline clan and Occasionally Radest would see the felines running around and having fun, playing tag with each other. Radest wanted to go closer to the clan and check out the felines, but her mother feared them, and didn't let her. That didn't stop her, though. once day, when her mother was sleeping, Radest went out to the felines. The elders saw the small horse and went up to her, swiping and lashing out at her. Terrified, Radest stumbled away, deep gashes in her hide. Luckily, they healed quickly, and Radest was fine. However, she always kept an eye on the felines. when she was older, she and her herd were galloping away from a couple of wolves in the felines launched an out-right attack on the horses. Radest managed to escape the claws, but was alone, with no herd and stallion to protect her. To this day, Radest still has an grudge on the felines from what they did to her family.
Parents:(required if you have any)
Siblings: none
Pups: none
Other Family of Significance: the rest of the herd
Crushes: nopers
Mate: nopers

Weaknesses: is angered too easily, thinks too highly of herself, picky with others
Strengths: running, being strong, standing up for herself
Habits: doesn't really have any habits
Likes: Sunshine, eating, running
Dislikes: Coldness, felines, fire
Fears: fire, felines, losing her loved ones... again

Friends: none
Enemies: all felines
Accessories nah
Theme Song: Ariana Grande - Break Free ft. Zedd
Other characters?: shirana, axel
Extras?: I made this character on another site, so I just kinda edited the history so it will be matched up to the plot and yeah, lol.  
Self Motto: "being wild sometimes makes you feel alone"
OoC| I found BC by by the amazing shirana
The secret password is *Travis has a crapped away the correct answer*
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PostSubject: Re: Fera Regina the wild   Fera Regina the wild EmptyFri Sep 19, 2014 8:04 pm

Ooo beautiful Horse.

Approved stamp

Have fun rping her!
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Fera Regina the wild
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