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 Cialda Decus

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PostSubject: Cialda Decus   Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:47 pm

…Cialda Decus…


Name Meaning:
…Cialda Decus {Cee-al-duh||Day-soo}

…2 years, 11 months…

…Ethiopian x Iberian…
…Cialda is a solid wolf with a rounded face and a feminine build. She prides herself upon her posture and structure, which is in clear resemblance of her fit lifestyle. She consists mainly of muscle, but is not over-toned and you would not guess it upon first glance. Her Ethiopian heritage is shown plainly in her legs, built nimbly and easily carry her for a distance without tiring. Her body shows her dominant Iberian side, stong and solid, but still holding the elegance you would find in an Ethiopian Lupa. She stands at 57 centimetres at the shoulder. 39 Kilos of muscle. Her pelt is a mixture of reds and creams with lighter undertones, this comes from her Ethiopian heritage, but her darker spots of greys and browns come tied together into a blend of her two breeds. Her pelt is thin, though dense, to keep herself either warm or cool. It holds in body head and allows a comfortable temperature. She will never be caught un-groomed and spends time each night being sure of this. Her eyes are golden-honey hues and very expressive. These are easily her most noticeable feature and are always alert for things that could be seen and missed.
…Cialda is a respectful, kind fae. She will never be caught off guard and is very attentive to her surroundings. Her eyes express any emotion she is feeling, and it is incredibly easy to tell anyways. This is an expressive wolf, she'll answer any question you ask her, and she'll answer with honesty. Through her travels alone, she has never lost faith in the kindness of others, though it has been wavered. Cialda believes that peace is achievable through speech and will always be the one trying to calm a situation before it gets out of hand. She is almost always calm and has no reason not to be, she is a generally happy wolf with enough room in her heart for any who wish to be there.…

…In search of friends of any species…
Wanted Rank:
…Huntress to a high council rank (Alpha, Beta, Delta)…
Current group?:

…Cialda was born simply, without complications, and without siblings. Her parents knew instantly that their daughter was destined for the Alpha Helias' son, Chagne. It was arranged to be so before her birth that the two would be raised as friends and that there would be no argument once they both loved one another. Cialda was raised simply, mostly by her grandfather, Keyto. She played with Chagne each day through pup hood, until she reached the age of training. Her grandfather passed away peacefully in his sleep of old age, and Cialda was taught that it was a fact of life. Her caretaker went through each rank with her, and Cialda chose to become a hunter. To provide for the pack was her only desire, after all, they had raised her.
Chagne, however, had no choice. He was destined to be Alpha and so that is what he trained for. Leading the pack, deciding battle strategies and hunts. Time was always made at the end of each day for Chagne and Cialda to spend time together, and at the end of their training, both of the wolves knew what had to be done. They were too close as friends to become lovers, but to please their parents, a mate would have to be chosen. Along the way of training, Cialda had also met another hunter. Roark. They too, had become quite good friends, nearly the same as a brother and sister would be. Chagne and Roark, however, had never met.
Cialda decided that it would be nice of them to meet and so brought them both out on a walk one day.
Chagne and Roark met and became friends. Roark at first, was submissive, but eventually became to see himself on the same level as Chagne. At the age of two, Roark had come to the idea of challenging Chagne. Cialda had tried to talk him out of it, but Roark had made up his mind. He nearly challenged Chagne that night, but once he raised his voice, Helias stepped in front of Chagne. Helias was still alpha, not Chagne. The alpha's son could not be challenged, but Helias took the challege, a little too happily for Cialda's comfort. It was hardly a challenge to the alpha, though he was getting older, his muscle had not aged. After a short fight, Roark was exiled from the pack with wounds that would certainly kill him if he wasn't helped, though the one that would truly kill him was accidental and only in defense. Cialda was the one that would help him.
Helias had made it clear that any wolf who went after Roark was posing a threat of disloyalty to the pack. Cialda swore upon her life that she was loyal, but she still went after Roark. She wouldn't allow a wolf to die, at least not alone. Now a fully trained warrior, at the age of two and a half, she knew she could fend for herself, so she went after her friend. Chagne would only become his father, winning a challenge and continuing to maul on.
She could already see their friendship fading as she began to turn. She found Roark the same way she would find any other injured animal, the scent of blood. Cialda lent Roark her shoulder to help support him until they were out of the territory, and then they lay in the fields and waited. Roark knew he was going to die, Cialda knew he would too. She was no longer welcome back to her mother, and she would not return to Chagne and Helias' mercy.
It was only a few nights before Roark finally slept without wake. This was when Cialda smiled and waited with him until his body was cold. She was sad, but this would pass. Roark was safe now, in the valley of stars, surrounded in freedom and joy. Not pain and fear. He could be the alpha of his own pack now.
With this, Cialda howled once, alerting her former pack that they would never hear of her again. Chagne burst through the territory line just as Cialda finished burying Roark and there was no trace of the brotherly admiration he had once shown. “I am not in your land any longer, Chagne. I am no longer your subject to play with.” the brute had cringed at her words, the only words she had truly meant to sting. “You are your father's son.” she said softly, turning away form the staring male. “Cialda Decus, usted esta exiliado.” Cialda walked away, she was exiled. That was alright with her, she would not be in such a trigger-happy pack by choice. This was her, choosing to leave, “Tiene una buena vida.” she had called behind her, fluent Spanish easier than the English she had spoken before. Upon those final words, Cialda loped away to her new life.…

…“Cialda Decus, usted esta exiliado.”--Cialda Decus, you are exiled.
“Tiene una buena vida.”--Have a grand life.…

…flirting…licking her right paw…day dreaming…
…Pups…Hunting…Peace…Freedom…Being alone…Calm…Honesty…
…Fighting…Unnecessary death…Disloyalty…Violence…
…drowning…pleasureful killing…unwelcoming strangers…

OoC| I found BC by advertisement on another site
The secret password is *Travis eats away the correct secret answer*
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PostSubject: Re: Cialda Decus   Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:29 pm

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Welcome Cialda to Beautiful Creatures! I hope you have a pleasurable stay here at BC, you can start RPing now if you so wish. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or any other staff.
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Cialda Decus
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