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 Eira the Ice-Bear

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PostSubject: Eira the Ice-Bear   Sun Sep 14, 2014 9:24 pm


Positive ; Playful ; Kind

Nickname(s): None
Name Origin: Welsh
Name Meaning: Snow

Sex: Female
Age: 5 months

Species: Bear
Breed: Ice Bear (Polar Bear)
Appearance: Like any other polar bear cub, she is pure white. Her eyes are a dullish grey color, but seem to always be sparkling. She clumsy paws and is always stumbling over them.
Personality: She is friendly and energetic, and kind to almost everyone.  She is usually in a happy mood, but can get sad easily. She will be sad for a time if something bad happens, but eventually just lets the past be the past.
Physical Problems?: None, other than her slightly big paws
Mental Problems: None

Rouge?: Yes
Wanted Rank: Cub
Current group?: None

History: She was born in a small den with her brother, Noel, in an icy den. She stayed there for a while with her brother, and every once in a while would explore outside with her mother. One day while they were exploring they found a hole in the ice, and their mother tried to catch one. She managed to get one onto the shore and was eating it, when they looked up and saw a large male polar bear. It challenged her mother over the seal, but her mother was different from other female polar bears. Her mother bravely stood up to the male, and fought with him. The ice they were on wasn't very strong, and broke apart. Eira's brother, the male, and her mother fell in the freezing water, and no polar bear came out. She hurried away from that place, and traveled across the lands, looking for anything.

Parents:Neva (Mother), Aquilo ( Father)
Siblings: Noel (brother)
Other Family of Significance: None
Crushes: None
Mate: None

Weaknesses: Water, Too much heat, weak ice
Strengths: Friendliness, positivity, her cautiousness
Habits: None
Likes: Fish, snow
Dislikes: Fire, intimidating creatures
Fears: Thin ice, fire, large male polar bears

Accessories None
Theme Song: None yet
Other characters?: Aurora, Ashes, Crystal, Autumn,  Far, and I might be missing one
Extras?: Nope
Self Motto: None
OoC| I found BC by DF
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PostSubject: Re: Eira the Ice-Bear   Sun Sep 14, 2014 9:38 pm

Approved stamp

Eira is approved! Just remember, at the moment you are only allowed 8 characters at a time. Also, make sure to place Eira on a different account.

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Eira the Ice-Bear
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