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 The Story of Travis

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PostSubject: The Story of Travis   Sat Aug 23, 2014 1:47 pm


Fierce ; Crafty ; Sarcastic

Nickname(s): Octo, Travis
Name Origin: Latin
Name Meaning: "Eighth child"
Pronunciation: Ah-ta-ve-us

Sex: Male
Age: 3 Years
Alias?: Doesn't have one

Species: Leopard
Breed: Snow Leopard
Appearance: Octavius is greyish white full bred Snow leopard with striking dark blue eyes, almost grey. He has a lean steady profile with muscular shoulders and powerful legs. His tail is long like his species and he is covered in spots all over his body but his chest and belly. His fur is thick and soft to the touch to keep him from freezing in colder climates. For a snow leopard he is bigger for his size but slim. His feet are webbed helping him to be able to reach greater speeds when running on snow, this help's him from sinking into the snow unless, of course, he does it on purpose.

Personality: Octavius isn't a real easy going guy. He likes solitary then the company of others, he is very secretive and acts ruthless. He hardly trusts others with anything and often does things himself to get the job done. Most of the time when you'll see Octavius he is always wearing a neutral appearance, detached and always alert for possible danger. He is quick to react and will kill first before talking. Kill or be Killed are the rules in his mind. He is very sly and manipulative and untrustworthy. Octavius may seem cold and heartless but he has a soft side if he can be broken open. If you manage to do so he can be very sweet and charming towards his friend or if possible mate. The only friend he ever known was Benjiro, an old hermit whom found him as a lost cub and cared for him as his own. That is a father figure for him. Though Travis will never admit it he is lonesome and would wish a happy life of his own. Octavius is... a good fighter. He learned from the best and he is a very intelligent male with much grace. He maybe ill-mannered but to make up from his illness he has a large heart full of hidden compassion.

Physical Problems?: None
Mental Problems: None

Rouge?: For now but will make an army of his own
Wanted Rank: Unknown
Current group?: In the makings

History: w.I.p to be added later on.

Parents: Tyree→father→alive; Syliva→mother→alive
Siblings: Serengeti→alive→sister, Marcus→alive→brother, Oscar→alive→brother.

Offspring: None
Other Family of Significance: Nope
Crushes: Naw
Mate: Haven't found her.

Weaknesses: The mention of his mother,  trusting others, having feelings towards another.
Strengths: fighting, masking his emotions, making himself feared.

Habits: He wakes up early to watch the sun rise
Likes: Being tricky, snow, offspring.
Dislikes: abusive people, being foiled, liars.
Fears: his father, swimming, being unravled by another, the dark.

Friends: Benjiro.
Enemies: Most commonly everyone who challenges his authority
Accessories He has a ring on his ear to signal that he was blessed by the queens
Theme Song: Wake me up by Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc

Other characters?: Benjiro (NCP)
Extras?: None
Self Motto: None
OoC| I found BC by I am the site
The secret password is This member has entered the correct password. -Travis
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The Story of Travis
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