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Is among us! Trees and plants are bursting with life and color, making Nysrose look like the heavens above have kissed the ground we walk on, blessing us with bounty of food and water. Herds are returning back from the South with their young. Looks like there may not be much hosility between the Clans, we can only hope.
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Things Not Seen Panthe11

Alika moved thru the brush her sky blue eyes glistening reflecting the moon above her. Her ears lay flat against her cranium as she tenderly placed her claws on the ground as she crept thru the night like a dark phantom. As she moved thru the forest a eerie feeling made her stop and listen her ears now erect turning side to side for any interesting noise that might explain the feeling she got just moments ago. Nothing she thought afraid if she spoke aloud something might hear her. Once again black rounded ears lay flat against her skull. Yet once again a couple feet away she paused getting that horrible feeling that made her stop stalking thru the bushes, but instead jump up and scurry up the nearest tree. Her tail hung down and curled like a black vine as she narrowed her eyes to thin slits. She waited for the unseen madness to come crawling thru the brush yet instead she found nothing yet a small deer mouse pause in the tracks taking in the panthers scent. Yet before the mouse could even realize he was being preyed upon Alika sprang her body only a faint glimpse of a shadow as the moon glistened on her fur. She pounced softly on the ground swiping at the mouse killing it swiftly. A pitiful meal it was, but it was a snack to satisfy the hunger. She let her salmon pink tongue roll over her lips as she moved on trying to ignore the feeling it was getting closer..
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Things Not Seen
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