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 Tōku The Cursed One

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PostSubject: Tōku The Cursed One   Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:49 pm


The secret side of me
I never let you see

I keep it caged
But I can't control it


I feel the rage
And I just can't hold it
It's scratching on the walls
In the closet, in the halls

It comes awake
And I can't control it

cold ; nice ; shy

Nickname(s): ōku, Tō, ku, (As more people call him different things more will be added here)
Name Origin: Japanese  
Name Meaning: Far
Pronunciation: Toe-Cu
Birth Name: Noroi (Curse)

Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Alias?: None quite yet.

Breed: Arctic Wolf
Appearance: Tōku has thick white fur that is very soft to the touch. Some say it's like a cloud, along his white coat he has black markings. The tips of his ears are black, his paws are also black. They are not like stockings only on his paws, like a small sock. His nose is black, which matches his black markings. There is also a black stripe running from his nose along his spine and stops at the end of his tail. Tōku has unique tri-color eyes that are also has  Heterochromia iridum. This simply means he has two different eye colors. His right eye is blue flecked with purple most visible in the sunlight, his left eye is a orange-red color which is flaked with yellow and/or brown. He isn't really too big and he isn't too small either. I'd say about normal height but only a inch or two higher. Tōku isn't really muscular either which gives him an advantage to large and muscular males since he has speed and agility on his size. No scars are visible but he may have a few underneath his coat.
Personality: Tōku has Schizophrenia(split personality) being a bit bi-polar but not truly bi-polar. His nice side is almost always in control it's kind of like good cop bad cop thing. Except his 'bad cop' side is evil, not afraid to kill and having little to no mercy. If one where to ask for mercy he would merely say, "No one ever showed me any so why should I show any to you?" His bad side also has a much deeper voice which has a demonic echo to it. His left eye also appears red which is odd and it's still unknown why this occurs. This side of him hardly things at all, the only thing on his mind is to kill. If one where to try and get in his way to stop him they would probably get hurt unless they killed him.

His 'good/normal' side is shy and unwelcoming to any affection. This is because he knows he can snap and kill at any second. Which makes him afraid of having a relationship. Tōku if allowed to relax and not worry about snapping he can be very nice and playful. However to others he doesn't know he seems weird, unsocial, shy, quiet, and perhaps submissive. However he rarely submits for anyone only if he has loads of respect for that wolf and trusts it will he submit. Often mocking or 'as if' he will look, speak, and react. If one where to try and put him in his place he would fight until that wolf has earned it. Sometimes even leaving the pack if he disliked the alpha.

Physical Problems?:Nope.
Mental Problems: He is sort of bi-polar but not truly, however he does snap both mentally and physically. He does have Schizophrenia, which will wear off in time.

Rouge?: hmm yes he is on his own. However he is currently looking for a home, which may be very difficult for him to do.
Wanted Rank: Nothing to special when the time comes.
Current group?:None yet however he might join with the Lamias pack or the Ever-flake pack.

Toku was born into superstitious pack, his mother died at birth along with his other siblings except his sister and brother, he lost two sisters and one brother. His mother was white with black paws, black ear rims, and a black tail tip. Her eyes where also multi-colored and she had two different ones. Purple specked with blue on her right side and her left looked like ying & yang half blue and half purple. His father was white with all black ears, a black muzzle, black stocking, and an all black tail. His mother's name was Heiwa, his father's Saisho, and his sister's name is Okurimono which means gift. Okuri for short, she has one blue and one purple eye. Her coat is white she was born second, she has small black socks, black rims, black tail tip,
His brother's name is Senshi, which means warrior. Senshi has a white coat with the same socks as his sister, he also has a black tail tip, along with a black back like that of a German Sheppard, and black fur on the top of his head making him look like he has hair just a little. He was born 3rd everyone after him died wither from birth or because they drowned on the liquid in their lungs, the last one starved himself to death by not drinking any milk.
Saisho saw what was happening to his mate so he quickly took his pups to an new mother who had only just had pups a day before his mate Heiwa. Saisho named his pups since his mate died, he ever since the color of the eyes began to develop and their personalities he began to feel a great dislike of his first born son Noroi(nor-dough-ree), which he named curse. Feeling that the pup was only a burden and he believed that the pup killed his mate. Noroi(Tōku)

was abused by his father and foster mom. She had always made it clear that he was not of her blood and that he killed his mother.

At the age of 1 Tōku had said good bye to his siblings as he de-parted from the pack, he could no longer stand any of them except his siblings. This is when he bumped into Rafu, a rouge kicked from his pack and he returned to finish them all off. Killing each one giving no mercy even to the pups, they said his black pelt was stained with the blood of all those he laid to rest. Tōku could see that his pelt held many scars and in fact their where red markings on his coat, he couldn't tell if they where of blood or not but he didn't think so. Tōku hid in the bushes, he had heard tells of the legend wolf and he knew it was him. Rafu already knew he was their and called him out, they later befriended each other. Rafu was an elder at the time but he still knew how to kill and hunt.

Parents: Heiwa & Saisho

Siblings: Senshi & Okuri

Pups: None yet
Other Family of Significance: Unknown (ask to become)
Crushes: Nope
Interest: A female who is nice/kind to him will ultimately win his heart.
Mate: Available

Weaknesses: He isn't really muscular, split personality/bi-polar actions, & family.
Strengths: He is quick, fast, silent,  he hits with powerful blows, and agile.
Habits: none yet
Likes: Relaxing
Dislikes: When his bad side comes out.
Fears: That his demons will take control of him, his siblings will die, and if he murders his friends or family.

Friends: None, he doesn't want to get to close to anyone.
Enemies: none
Accessories  none
Theme Song:

Other characters?: Saku & Hono more to come.
Extras?: Nope.
Self Motto: None yet.
OoC| I found BC by (Grim)
The secret password is (read the rules and post the password here)


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PostSubject: Re: Tōku The Cursed One   Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:33 pm

Accepted! Wow good job on the bio ^^
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Animal Species: Arctic wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Tōku The Cursed One   Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:56 pm

Thanks Relic ^^
I wrote so much for this. o.o

I'm not done with his history yet though.
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PostSubject: Re: Tōku The Cursed One   

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Tōku The Cursed One
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