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PostSubject: Akauri   Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:22 pm


Clever ; Loyal ; Gentle

Nickname(s): Kauri, Kay
Name Origin: Name came from mother...
Pronouncetion: A-car-ie

Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old
Alias?: Akauri the Loving and Caring

Species: Wolf
Breed: Arctic wolf
Appearance: Akauri is a pretty white, fluffy wolf with pretty amber colored eyes. She has short ears with long legs. She is medium-large sized and her tail is fluffy, and long. Akauri's chest is narrow and she has medium sized humps on her shoulders.
Personality: Akauri is a nice, shy, loyal, friendly and playful wolf. She likes to be around wolves that she cares about. Akauri is shy and she mostly hangs out by herself. If she warms up to someone, she can be very gentle and funny. She likes to hunt prey and heal others. Akauri isn't a big fan of fighting, but she will if she has to. She is very fast, clever and determined.

Physical Problems?: Nope
Mental Problems: Nope
Rouge?: Yes, with Far
Wanted Rank: Healer
Current group?: Rouge

History: Akauri was born in a forest. She and her mother-- Mahali lived together for a year and a half. She enjoyed playing and hunting with her mother. Mahali taught her how to heal and fight also. All of those good times ended when Mahali died from protecting her daughter from a bear. Akauri was very sad and she stayed alone. One day, she became a little tired of being by herself and she found a pack to live in called the Adkins Tribe. She stayed there for a while until she traveled to the lands with her mate, Far.

Parents: Mahali (Mother)
Other Family of Significance: Far
Crushes: Far
Mate: Far

Weaknesses: Akauri isn't much of a good fighter and her bad past taunts her. She is shy and that limits her a lot.
Strengths:  Akauri is an outstanding healer and she's wise. Her hunting skills are great and her running is spectacular.
Likes: Far, nice animals, healing, pups
Dislikes: Evil animals, rude creatures, selfish others
Fears: Loosing anyone she loves, danger, getting into fights

Friends: Far
Enemies: None
Theme Song: 1000 years-- Christina Perri
Other characters?: Azura
Self Motto: My destiny is not in the open, but it's in my heart.
OoC| I found BC by Azura's here!
The secret password is *Ariste noms the password, because she has a new color code* - Ariste
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PostSubject: Re: Akauri   Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:02 pm

Approved stamp

Akauri has been approved! You can now begin roleplaying with her!

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